Acer Mixed Reality Headset Immerses You in the Virtual World

Acer Mixed Reality Headset

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Many of the Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets are similar because they’re built around an almost identical camera foundation. Hence, you will notice similarities between VR headsets produced by different manufacturers. The Acer Mixed Reality Headset still has a distinct appeal because the design is unique.


You can call them Mixed Reality Headsets or whatever, but the thing is, they’re VR headsets. Microsoft has made a great decision by eliminating the need for external sensors. Position and controller tracking now rely on cameras installed on the front of a headset. All you have to do is plug a USB cable and a single HDMI cable into the computer to continue. Design-wise, we personally think that the Acer Mixed Reality Headset is well-crafted because it delivers great comfort.

Besides, it doesn’t feel like it pushes against the face. It comes with a hinge, which allows you to open the headset just in case you want to see the surroundings. The padding also does wonders in boosting its comfort. Another thing worth appreciating is the pack of paper liners, which is really helpful if the headset is shared with another. Some people sweat a lot and this can make your headset dirty and smelly. Thankfully, this addition will solve the problem. There’s no pair of headsets, but it offers a 3.5mm audio adaptor, instead. Just plug your headphones to listen to the audio.


What distinguishes the controllers from those coming with other Mixed Reality Headsets is the branding. It’s clear that these controllers are made by Acer because there’s a clear logo printed on them. They remind us of the Oculus Touch controllers. Both feature the following components, touchpads, joysticsk, triggers, and grip buttons. There is also a glowing ring that’s made up of LEDs. This is especially useful for motion tracking. However, tracking doesn’t work everytime. It’s only active when you put the controllers in front of you. Otherwise, the controllers will probably lose connection.

Acer Mixed Reality Headset 2

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Gaming is awesome thanks to the advanced features. You can pretty much control a character using the controls added to them. For instance, the triggers can be used to fire guns. If the VR content is about fighting, you can swing either controller to throw a punch. From the outside it’s easy to tell that these controllers are bulky, but as long as they’re responsive, it shouldn’t matter. After all, most of us would get over the weight after using them for a while. Despite being a bit chunky, they feel good in the hands.


There are two setup options. First, read the on-screen instructions to create a boundary. To prevent you from hitting a wall or furniture, it’s advised to play in an open space, like the living room. The boundary is rectangle and it shows up as a wide cage in the game. Don’t try to hit it, let alone step outside unless you’re sure there’s no solid object around. Otherwise, you can end up punching a wall or something. There is another way, which is setting a static position. This is great if you don’t want to move around while playing. The Acer Mixed Reality Headset has a pair of 1,440×1,440 displays that offer exceptional sharpness and colors.


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