Amazon Cloud Cam, Everything You Need to Monitor Your Home

Amazon Cloud Cam

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Home security cameras are a profitable niche, which has led manufacturers to put out their own quality surveillance cams. The Amazon Cloud Cam is a new member of the group, offering features most buyers look forward to, such as all-day monitoring, high-quality video, and motion detection. The inclusion of Alexa only makes it better. This voice assistant has become the core of many Amazon products, like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. So, is the cam worth it?


The Amazon Cloud Cam has a sleek design. It’s important for a surveillance camera to appear simple, so that it doesn’t easily draw attention. The top features a 1080p full-HD Camera, which is held by a sturdy stand. There’s also an option to mount it on the wall if you will. Not just the living room, but anywhere you need this form of protection, you can install the camera there. It’s easily attached to a bookshelf or another flat surface. A mounting bracket comes in the package along with screws. If you want to install it this way, just use them. The Cloud Cam is designed mostly for indoor use. There’s no weather protection, so it’s clear that the camera isn’t made to secure the exterior façade of your house.

Video quality

The footage during livestreaming is sharp and clear. This applies to footage that has been previously recorded. The video still shows lots of detail as you zoom-in a section of it. It further proves that the camera does offer quality recording. Another feature you might need is Night Vision. As the name suggests, Night Vision is the ability to record in low-light environments or at night. Sure, quality-wise it doesn’t come close to footage recorded with sufficient lighting, but it’s still good because we can see things clearly. The 8 IR LED lights are responsible for this capability. Interestingly, there is no setting or anything to activate the feature. The cam would just automatically sense when the environment is dark and activate it.

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Of all the key features, Alexa is one of the most essential additions. This virtual assistant will make your life easier because controlling the device can be done with simple commands. To view footage on a TV screen, for instance, you just have to say something to Alexa. The camera is cloud-based, gives us the flexibility to interact with the cam the way we want it to. It can be set to recognize movements only in certain areas or anywhere. The recorded videos can be uploaded to the cloud. Just make sure you pick the right plan, so that all videos can be accommodated.

And then, there’s also Amazon key. We’re sure loyal Amazon customers have heard about this new service. It is exclusive to paid Prime members and the purpose is to send packages safely. Some of us aren’t at home 24/7, which can be a problem when we order something online. With this service, the delivery guy won’t leave the package on the doorstep. Instead, he can gain access to the house and place the package inside. The feedback on the Amazon Cloud Cam has been so far positive, so we really encourage you to buy it for security reasons.


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