Amazon Echo Dot Provides an Affordable Route Into Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot

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The Amazon Echo Dot can be an option to those wanting a sleeker version of the Amazon Echo. The Dot is compact, which means you can carry it around easily. Just like the bigger sibling, this device also comes preloaded with Alexa, the voice assistant. If you have used the Echo before, you should be familiar with this one. The successor retains nearly all the necessary features like seven microphones. The difference is there’s no light right to turn up or down the volume. Users can use the volume buttons, instead. When it comes to installation, the smart speaker comes in handy. All you have to do is connect it using the Android or iOS app. The next step is to point it at the right Wi-Fi network. Though the speaker itself offers decent sound quality, there is an option to sync it with external speakers for a better experience. You can do it by using the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth connectivity.


Apart from being smaller, the Dot doesn’t come with a rotating ring on its surface. It is replaced with 2 volume buttons. Meanwhile, the 7-mic setup does exceptionally well at recognizing the voice. Connecting it with a Smartphone is also easy. Just in case your phone’s speaker doesn’t feel loud enough, only compare it to the Dot and turn it into an external speaker. Even with decreased sound quality, you can still hear Alexa clearly when it gives answers regarding weather updates, news, and others.


The Amazon Echo Dot is not just an average Bluetooth speaker. The reason why people like it is because it can communicate smartly. You can ask any questions and Alexa will try to provide the most accurate answers. You can also ask her to do anything, like playing music or another. For those who have used the larger speaker, just use the same commands to operate the Dot. It has many skills that have been improved ever since the first generation was introduced. It’s true that audio sounds better on the Echo, but we must remember that the Dot is smaller, so there is limited space to top-notch house speakers. (Also read: Amazon Echo Show, an Alexa Speaker with a Screen)

Amazon Echo Dot 2

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What can Alexa do? She can do many things, just like Siri and Google’s voice assistant. For example, you can ask her to find definitions of words. You can also ask about distances between places. Even questions that we don’t usually hear in daily conversations will also be answered as accurately as possible. Have you heard jokes from Alexa? Well, just ask some, you would be surprised by how witty she is. Additionally, there are tasks we can carry out with the help of Alexa, such as setting timers and managing items on your to-do list.


The Amazon Echo Dot costs around £49.99 on Amazon. It is available in two colors, black and white. For the record, it’s already the second generation of the Dot. So if you want to get the right model, please read more information before shopping around. The Dot is much cheaper than the Echo. The more significant sibling costs £149.99, which means it is only one-third of the price. This device is value for money as it offers the same Alexa capabilities, although it lacks in the sound department.


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