Amazon Echo Plus Boasts an Industrial Design with a Smart Home Hub

Amazon Echo Plus

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The new Amazon Echo Plus is a fantastic speaker, quite an upgrade in terms of design over the first generation. It’s available in several colors, which are Sandstone, Charcoal, and Heather Grey. The range of color choices ensures that you can pick one that really suits the interior of your house. While it offers numerous upgrades, it’s slightly smaller than the previous model. Now it looks more compact and portable.


What most people look for in the Amazon Echo Plus is its alexa integration. It’s more than just a speaker because it comes pre-loaded with the Alexa voice assistant. She can help you with many things, like answering questions, playing music, sending notifications, etc. Despite the size reduction, the new Echo still strongly exudes the old Echo’s charm. It comes with a two-button setup, which already existed since it was first introduced. There is also an array of 7 mics as well as a blue LED ring surrounding the top. It still maintains its tubular shape with the grille at the bottom.

Audio quality

Larger Echo series have always delivered great sound quality and this applies to the new Echo Plus. It’s inevitably better than the Dot. But when it’s compared to the original Echo, there are certain parts where the successor really shines, like bass and mid-bass notes. Overall, the new Echo offers rich and warm sound. This will definitely improve your music experience. The bass is well-tuned, doesn’t sound excessive at all. The mics respond to commands accurately. There is no need to yell from across the room because your voice will be picked up. The company says that the Echo Plus now utilizes 2nd generation far-field microphone technology which directly improves noise cancellation and word processing.

Amazon Echo Plus 2

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The Alexa performance is very good. The Amazon Echo Plus can accurately hear our demands even when the music is loud. It’s great because we don’t have to adjust volume levels before trying to make a conversation with the voice assistant. There are many other speakers that come with a built-in virtual assistant, but they don’t always understand what we’re trying to say, which is a big problem. Alexa has been around for a long time and over the years, its abilities have been improved tremendously.

Smart home

Smart homes are a fast-growing trend. Who doesn’t want to live in a house that provides flexibility and the ultimate comfort by controlling everything automatically? An Alexa speaker is all you need to transform your conventional dwelling into a smart home. It apparently works with Smart-Home devices like light bulbs, thermostats, etc. By connecting those things to your Alexa speaker, you can control them from afar.

Buy an Amazon Echo Plus, it will help identify smart devices you have at home. Just say ‘Alexa, discover my devices’, and it will respond immediately. While it sounds easy, the initial setup is a bit complex. You can’t just say the words and expect the it to work shortly after. First thing first, you have to reset all the appliances before asking Alexa to do the pairing. Also, don’t forget to put all of them in pairing mode. Not all devices are supported, but it still covers so many different brands, like Samsung, Netatmo, TP-Link, etc.


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