2017 Amazon Fire HD 10 Reviews Software and Performance

If Apple iPads are too expensive for you, there is a more affordable alternative especially when you look at a big screen enough tablet for the entertainment experience. Here is where Amazon Fire HD 10 comes in. The new updates of Amazon tablet have been increasing its capacity ratio and better entertainment experience. Let’s check out more for details!

2017 Amazon Fire HD 10 Reviews

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Outside Looks of Amazon Fire HD 10

When you take a look at this Amazon tablet, you might realize that there is no change in the screen size. Yes, it still has 10.1-inch screen with 16:9 widescreen ratio. However, you can expect for sharper and clearer screen. This Fire screen comes with the more improved resolution from 1280×800 to 1920×1080 for full HD of 224 pixels per inch. Of course, it’s more than enough for watching a clearer video. The tablet is quite thin and light with 7.7 mm thick and 432-gram weight. Furthermore, Amazon Fire series also have more balanced colors with fun looks to give warmer touch than neutral.

2017 Amazon Fire HD 10

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Inside Looks of Amazon Fire HD 10

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is released with 30% faster processor than before that goes up to 1.8GHz of quad-core and doubled RAM to 2GB. The internal storage is also upgraded to 32GB and 64GB to let you save more videos. You can even expand your additional storage by inserting microSD slot up to 256GB. To enhancing your entertainment time, Fire is also improving its battery life from 8 to 10 hours. Like most cheap tablets, Fire is still with a 5MB camera on the back and 2MB front camera. (Also Read : Lenovo Miix 720, a Powerful Tablet with Flexible Kickstand)

Software and Performance

Amazon Fire HD 10 is like Android tablet, but somehow also feels unlike one. It’s because Fire using Fire OS on top that replacing all Google’s system with Amazon custom parts. The Amazon Fire also has a different layout, fewer customization maybe. The main tablet pre-installed content areas of Fire include video, music, books, and apps. However, you get more space to download more stuff. You will also get more Amazon services from watching Amazon Prime Instant Video to Amazon family.

Hands-Free Version of Alexa

The most interesting addition in Amazon Fire HD 10 is Alexa’s hands-free version. For the first time, Fire tablets are in hands-free mode. This voice assistant of Amazon will let you talk to your tablet like using Amazon Echo. You can ask for music from Spotify and Amazon Music. You can also control other compatible smart home devices such as Hive thermostats, Philips Hue lights, make calendar entries, and check the weather. Moreover, you can also search for video content on the Fire TV, pause, fast and forward by voice. Alexa also features Echo Spatial Perception to allow only the nearest device will respond to your commands. So, if there is another Alexa device in the next room, they won’t be bothered.

Although you might don’t find huge upgraded specs than the last series you still can enjoy a better entertainment experience by using Amazon Fire HD 10 only for $150. Isn’t it sound a catchy offer, is it?

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