Asus Lyra Home Wi-Fi System Covers a House With Good Wi-Fi Signals

Asus Lyra Home Wi-Fi System

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Wireless networking technology has developed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Things are becoming more interesting with the introduction of mesh Wi-Fi routers. We used to rely on Ethernet cables to get quality internet connection, but it can now be done wirelessly with speeds that can catch up to the older networking technologies. Wi-Fi is very popular nowadays. People no longer use dial-up for internet because it is deemed impractical. If we can get connected to the internet without a cord, why do we want the old method back?


What is the Asus Lyra made for? It is designed to help us establish a strong Wi-Fi connection in the house. This is particularly important if you live in a large house because as we all know, Wi-Fi signal gets weaker the further you move away from the router. The device consists of 3 hubs. The first should be directly connected to a modem using an Ethernet cable. This is the main hub, while the other two can be located anywhere as long as they’re within the first hub’s Wi-Fi range. The signal will be transmitted from the first hub to the others. And they serve to extend the Wi-Fi coverage. All these hubs have the same specs, which is why it’s not right to call them signal repeaters because they have their own working mechanism.

It’s also worth-noting that there are differences between networks in hubs and the routers. The hubs use a combination of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, while the routers are tri-band. There are 4 antennas inside the hub. The system will inspect the quality of the signal in these antennas. Two that provide the best signal will be connected to the device. When it comes to mesh routers, many products only support Wi-Fi. If you need one that has more capabilities, then the Asus Lyra is the real deal because it has Ethernet ports on board.

Asus Lyra Home Wi-Fi System 2

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There are two types of mesh router buyers. The first one is those who need to take advantage of the powerful features, and the second one is those who just want to use internet anywhere in their large house. Whether you belong to the first or second group, the Asus Lyra will greatly help. To start the setup process, the user has to download the provided app first. There are several configurations in the app, but it’s not that complicated. First thing first, connect the first Lyra to the modem that you have, and then connect power.

After that, your phone will start scanning as it connects. Next you will be prompted with questions regarding location, network name, etc. Grab the second unit and place it in any room. It can be the living room or bedroom. You can even place it in the balcony or any area you visit frequently. Make sure there are no obstacles around to prevent the signal from getting blocked. Connect it to the power, and then press the ‘Sync’ button located on the back. This is required to establish a connection between the devices. If the signal is poor, move them closer to each other. After the setup is completed, go back to the app to manage the network.


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