Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Deliver Great Noise Cancellation

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

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One of the things people look for in headphones is noise cancellation. If you expect it from Beats, then the answer is the Beats Studio3 Wireless. The Apple’s W1 wireless chip becomes one of the major selling points. It promises better range as well as reliability. While pairing with Apple devices is easy, it’s also compatible with non-Apple products. The headphones work wirelessly, but for those who can’t get over the conventional way of listening to music, just use the 3.5 mm stereo cable, instead. Styling-wise, it is reminiscent to Beats Solo3, not really surprising since both are based on the same design language. Being similar doesn’t mean a bad thing. The Beats Studio3 Wireless still looks visually appealing just like the sibling.


Aside from the pretty design, there are 6 colors buyers can opt for ranging from blue to black. While the construction is sturdy, it is also flexible. You can basically fold them down before tucking them into the case that comes with the package. The left ear cup is studded with some control buttons. For example, the clear ‘b’ logo can be used to control music playback. A single click will play music or stop it. To skip a track, just press it down twice quickly. The same button is also a shortcut for Siri. Just hold it down, Siri will be activated shortly after. Surrounding the logo is buttons for adjusting volume. The opposite ear cup houses the power button, which is necessary for activating noise cancellation. To turn the headphones On or Off, simply press it down for a few seconds. The build quality of the ear cups are solid, the solid cushions suggest that. Don’t worry about hurting your ear because they are made of a soft-touch material.

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Beats headphones are known for their warm sound quality. They used to produce large amounts of bass. The Beats Studio3 Wireless is great all around. Bass can still be heard, but it’s very proportionate to the treble and others. In other words, the audio doesn’t sound overbearing. Many headphones produce everything too much, which eventually leads to an unpleasant listening experience. These don’t have the problem because the mixture is just perfect. Lyrics are clear even when the instruments are loud. This would please the average music fan, but not so much those looking for over-the-top audio quality.

Try to listen to different music genres to find out the sound quality. Another great feature is adaptive noise cancellation. This muffles unnecessary sounds coming from the environment, such as air conditioners or vehicles. This can be good or bad depending on where you use the headphones. Noise cancellation can be dangerous when it is used while you’re driving or doing something that requires focus and attention. In private settings like the bedroom, this feature is very useful because you can listen to music in peace.

Battery life

Battery life hasn’t really changed from the previous generation, but it’s still good, nonetheless. It can last 22 hours, but it can be longer with the ANC off. Overall, it can last up to 40 hours, very long if you ask. The good news is the headphones also come with built-in fast charge feature. In just 10 minutes of charging, you will get extra 3 hours of playback.


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