4 Best Offline GPS App For Android Is Available

When you start traveling to a new place we usually need help map so as not to get lost. Fortunately, now it’s modern times, so when you need a map, all you need is to open your phone. However, you must first make sure that you have downloaded the best offline GPS app for Android on your phone. It is recommended that you use this offline because if you go to areas that are hard to signal the internet, then this map will still really help you.

4 Best Offline GPS App For Android Is Available

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Besides the other benefits, you will get if using this offline feature map. You can save the quota. Surely we all certainly already know that the plans that are online must require a lot of quotas. Therefore the solution through best offline GPS app for android is to accompany your holidays and adventures in other cities. Offline-based map apps or in other words do not use this internet quota through satellite means.

Best offline GPS app for android review

Now, who would not be tempted by mobile map bidding without using quotas? Certainly, all would be interested, here will be given a review of any application that provides this offline-based maps.

Best offline GPS app for android review

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Google output map is the first map on android-based phones. Even to access it can also be through google the web, not only through the application GoogleMaps downloaded from PlayStore. GoogleMaps now provides features for the GPS app for android without internet or offline maps. Meaning that when you use this map then suddenly your phone signal is lost, then the plan will keep moving without using signal and your phone quota.

MapFactor Navigator best offline GPS app for android review

The next map analysis is output from MapFactor. On this map can also provide offline maps facility, only before you must have accessed the map online. These because MapFactor provides offline maps only on the part of the plan that you may have obtained and already saved. MapFactor will reopen this saved map file as an offline map.

Sygic: GPS and Navigation

Next is the map made by Sygic. This map has a system similar to MapFactor, which stores maps with offline access. Its just the difference is the map or GPS navigation cellphone from Sygic is to save maps from around the world that you can directly access by downloading it. However, what if when going there it turns out his condition has changed and developed? That is the drawback of this map. In brief, the map from Sygic can not display up to date conditions of a region.

Offline Maps and Navigation

This one map created by Navigation GPS without internet phone, although it is the same as before that need to be downloaded, this map has uniqueness. In this map can show the building in 3D models, speed limit, even up to the streets in 3D models. Interesting!

Now, the best offline GPS app for android which would you choose? Or are you staying on the online map? It all depends on you.

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