Blackview S8, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Alternative for a Fraction of the Price

Blackview S8

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At a glance, it’s easy to mistake the Blackview S8 for the Galaxy S8. Just take a look at the exterior. This phone is heavily influenced by the successful Galaxy series. This is not the first time a popular phone spawning clones, and won’t be the last, either. Well, despite the fact that it’s being inspired by the S8, it still has unique features to offer. We’ll write a review of the device, let’s get right into it.


It’s marketed as a full display Smartphone, which clearly shows from the body to screen ratio. It has an elegant design, not really surprising because the phone it takes cues from is the epitome of elegance. The Blackview S8 has a dimension of 154 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm and weighs 190 gr. On the front there is a 5.7-inch HD resolution screen. You might expect a higher resolution, but it looks pretty sharp. It also comes with Gorilla Glass 4 protection, which means the screen doesn’t get scratched easily and immune to all kinds of shocks. Fingerprint sensors have become a standard addition to newer Smartphones. The Blackview S8 has one, too, located on the back right below the dual camera setup and LED flash. Surprisingly, it’s pretty responsive and can unlock the phone in 0.1 second.


The display is clearly a major selling point just like the Galaxy S8. In fact, it’s one of the first things you would notice from this phone. The full display is really special because older phones still have bezels. Only recent releases sport near bezel-less designs. The top bezel is still there, but pretty slim if you ask. And it houses essential features like the front camera and speaker. The 18:9 aspect ratio is another great thing about the handset as it offers an awesome multimedia experience. You can watch videos without getting annoyed by black bars running across the screen. As for colors, they’re not really on the Galaxy S8’s level, but the company tried to say the least. The display looks crisp and has nice colors.

Blackview S8 2

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Specs-wise, it comes equipped with a 1.5 GHz MediaTek MTK6750 Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM. This combination results in reliable performance even for gaming. You can also add many apps to this handset as it provides 64GB of STORAGE. Overall, things run smoothly, including the multitasking. To getter a idea of its performance, you can try opening apps simultaneously and see if there’s any lag. There could be, but it doesn’t feel significant. The internal memory can be expanded via a microSD card up to 128GB. Meanwhile, the operating system it runs on is the Android 7.0 Nougat. Rumor has it that the newer version will be rolled out to this phone, but it’s still unclear when it’s going to happen. Nougat is great, anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem if we get stuck with the version.


With its rear dual cameras (13.0MP + 0.3MP), you can take quality photos. A dual camera setup doesn’t appear on the back only, the front also has the same configuration. The difference is the sensors are 8.0MP ( SW 13.0MP ) and 0.3MP. They’re both accompanied by an LED flash for shooting in low-light conditions. Design-wise, it’s a replica of the Galaxy S8, but the difference will be more apparent as you compare the specs. On the Galaxy, camera is its strong point, while on the Blackview S8, the results are whitewashed.

Blackview S8 specs:

  • 154 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm (Size)
  • 5.7 inch, 1440 x 720 pixel screen
  • 1.5 GHz MediaTek MTK6750 octa-core processor
  • 4GB of RAM, 64GB of STORAGE
  • microSD card support
  • Dual rear cameras, Dual front-facing cameras
  • Fingerprint sensor


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