Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds are Sleek, Durable, and Powerful

Bose SoundSport Free

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The Bose SoundSport Free is the first wireless earbuds from the company. Despite the minimalist nature (no heart rate sensor or GPS), the earbuds are still very functional. There are many things we like about these pieces. First, Bose is famous for incorporating great craftsmanship into their products. This means that the new headphones are not only loud, but also fit in the ear. The quality is comparable to the Apple AirPods. For those wanting earphones for working out, we highly recommend the Bose SoundSport Free.


Some people struggle putting AirPods in their ears. If this happens to you as well, why not get these headphones, instead? They’re not designed only for Bose fans. Everybody who’s into sports and exercises a lot should have a pair. Design-wise, the Free is pretty bulky, which is interesting because they’re designed to conform to the contour of the ear. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem because the comfort is out of this world. There are many features as well, including a charging case, a connect app, etc.


Durability is something the company makes a big deal about. That’s great because these small pieces are exposed to various issues every day, like sweat, sunlight, force, etc. We should say they strike a right balance between performance and durability. Aside from being sweat-resistant, these headphones are also not prone to water damage. When it comes to features, Bose ensures that users can make the most of the pieces. It includes volume optimizing EQ, digital signal processor, etc.

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The battery is long-lasting with 5 hours of average use. As mentioned earlier, they come with a magnetic charging case. This way, you don’t need to worry about running out of power because it can provide another 10 hours of extra usage. Just make sure it has been charged before you head to the gym or jog. There is also a feature that allows you to track earphones just in case one or both are lost. It is called ‘Find My Buds’ and has been included in the BoseConnect app. All you have to do is launch the app and it will try to locate the lost piece.

Sound quality

The audio quality is impressive. It sounds deep and there’s clarity to it. The headphones can easily rival other with higher price tags. The bass is good although it can be loud enough at lower volume levels. If you feel uncomfortable with that, just increase the volume. This way, the bass will be dialed back and other elements have a room to shine. Speaking of the setup process, it’s fairly easy, but not as instant as AirPods or Google Pixel Buds. Once the setup is done, feel free to use the bunch of features offered by the Boseconnect app.

To make the most of the headphones, familiarize yourself with the buttons. Check the right earbud first. There are volume, playback, and take calls buttons there. They are easy to use and quite responsive as well. Unfortunately, there is no optical sensor here, so if both earbuds are pulled out of the ears, the music will keep playing. Products that have sensors can automatically stop music when they’re no longer used. So, with all these awesome features, would buy the Bose SoundSport Free?


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