Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One Boasts Flagship Grade Specs

Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One 2

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The Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One is perfectly suited for media professionals. If you need a desktop that offers numerous processors, then check out this newest release. It is available in sixth and seventh generation Intel core families, which means performance will be very terrific. You can buy a model that suits your budget and power requirements. Broadly speaking, the desktop computer is reliable for heavy-duty tasks like 3D rendering. You can also use it for virtual reality. Apart from the powerful performance, the device is equipped with awesome speakers with digital dynamic amplifiers.

Design Dell Precision 5720

The Precision 5720 is moderate in size. It is pretty big, but not the biggest especially when it’s compared to the HP Envy 34. The design is magnificent as it oozes a modern feel. The bezels are less than a half-inch thick, giving the computer a clean look. If you choose the non-touch build, it is actually more lightweight. At the bottom of the screen you can find the display stand. It comes with an optional VESA mount. Just in case you want to mount your unit on the wall, this will be beneficial. Despite providing so much flexibility, the display stand feels sturdy. It has no problem holding the weight of the monitor. Tilting is also easy with one hand although the device is pretty heavy. The best part is the hinges are smooth that they don’t make any noise at all when you try to tilt the monitor. Glass adorns the front and it creates nice contrast against the aluminum stand. (Also read: Monitor Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Suitable For Gaming)

Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One

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Display Dell Precision 5720

The Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One comes with a 27-inch Premiercolor display. It has everything you’d expect from a premium desktop. Aside from a 4k screen resolution, the processor is also fast, which means editing photos and doing other intensive tasks on this display won’t cause a problem. On top of that, it covers 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. This will give you a large portion of the color spectrum to work with. As for viewing angles, you won’t be disappointed since colors don’t appear washed out regardless from which angle you look at the screen. A high-end desktop is not supposed to suffer from color distortion when viewed from certain angles. There is a preinstalled program called Premiercolor, which allows you to make adjustments to the display, including brightness and color temperature.

Performance Dell Precision 5720

The type of processor plays a role in the desktop’s performance. Since the Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One comes with several processor options, you should pick one that meets your needs. Here are some of the choices: Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v6 family; 7th generation intel core i7, i5; Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v5 family; 6th generation intel core i7, i5. The overall performance is great and comparable to other workstations like the Precision T7810. Take into account the stellar display and high-quality speakers, it is value for money. With a 10-speaker configuration, imagine what kind of sound it’s capable of producing. Just make sure to not turn up the volume to max because it may cause damage to your hearing. Essential ports have also been included. Besides a pair of Type-C USB 3.0 ports with thunderbolt 3 support, users are also spoiled with 4 Type-A USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet jack, HDMI video-out connectors, etc.

Dell Precision 5720 specs:

  • 17.1×24.6×3.16 inches (Size)
  • 27-inch IPS touch LCD (3,840×2,160) display
  • Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 v6 Family, v5 Family, Intel Turbo Boost technology
  • 32GB of memory, 512GB of storage, and other configurations
  • Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), Ubuntu, and others


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