DJI Phantom 4 Pro Boasts 1” 20MP Sensor for 4K Video Shooting

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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Drones are quickly becoming a hot trend. There are so many products on the market with varying prices and features. We will specifically talk about the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Broadly speaking, this drone is very reliable. It comes with a long-distance control, which is helpful if you want to reach distant areas. Another feature that you might need is forward and rear obstacle detection. When it comes to video quality, the series won’t leave you disappointed. Overall, the camera works great especially in sport mode. It is also capable of shooting 4k video at 60fps. To access all the great features, you have to spend $1,500. Aside from being pricey, some complain about the limited functionality of the side sensors.

Sensor of DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro offers significant improvements over the previous series. The camera is one that probably got the most attention. On the paper, the 20MP 1″ CMOS sensor is dependable for continuous shooting. It is also equipped with a 24mm (35 mm format equivalent) lens and a FOV 84°. The older model has a smaller sensor although the quality is already decent. With a better sensor, it now supports a maximum recording bitrate of 100 Mbps. The file formats also are diverse, including MP4/MOV.


This $1,500 drone comes with a 1920×1080 5.5 inch controller. It is ideal for outdoor use because the brightness levels are impressive at 1000 cd/m2. This is better than using a Smartphone especially in terms of screen visibility.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2

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The drone is designed to support a microSD card up to 128gb. This is very spacious, way better than the previous model which only serves 64GB of external storage. The fact that the maximum ISO is increased really adds to its appeal. It has gone from 3200 to 6400. For those unaware, the Phantom 4 was introduced with a Forward Obstacle Sensing System. For the Pro version, the Sensing System works in different directions, including backwards and downwards. The purpose is to help you avoid obstacles the best possible way. Having a solid construction doesn’t make it immune to damage. With this feature, we’re sure your drone will last longer. (Read also: Garmin Dash Cam 35 review)

Video quality

This is a big deal for a drone. Thankfully, this product delivers. With the aforementioned camera specs, it is not hard to guess that the camera can produce sharp photos and videos. If there is sufficient light, you will get footage with natural and beautiful color reproduction. Subtle tonal differences can also be seen without a problem. To prove it, just try to record the sky. Low-quality cameras have a hard time capturing the tonal difference between the clouds and the background. This one distinguishes both very well. Some drones are quite bad in terms of dynamic range, but DJI Phantom 4 Pro begs to differ. In the dark it also does its job. The ISO can be expanded to 6400. As for photos, it can be adjusted to 12,800. Noise is still visible, but not noticeable. This is the case with shooting in the dark, but if there is a ribbon of light, we’re sure it will be much clearer.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro specs:

  • 20MP 1″ CMOS sensor
  • Android phone, iPad, iPhone compatible
  • 16 GB MicroSD card
  • 4 miles of max operating distance
  • H.264, H.265, MOV, MP4 video formats
  • DNG, JPEG, RAW image formats
  • 5870 mAh battery


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