Fabriq Debuts Alexa-enabled Bluetooth Smart Speaker, the Fabriq Chorus

Fabriq Chorus

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Although the Fabriq Chorus doesn’t serve the most impressive audio, it edges out many Alexa speakers in its price range. One of the most popular lines of speakers with Alexa integration is the Amazon Echo series. Not just the quality, but the Echo products have ‘Amazon’ written on them, so they easily stand out above its competitors.


The Fabriq Chorus is an alternative to an Echo. If you want something with Alexa other than the Echo lineup, then consider this one. Other speakers sport mainstream designs. They’re sleek and come in solid colors. The Chorus is different because it’s not surrounded by a metal grille or plastic. Instead, it’s covered in fabric. On the one hand, it sort of goes against the mainstream, but on the other hand, it looks very stylish. It’s also very large and has a tubular shape. The Fabric is stunning, though. It’s not only smooth, but also very strong. If you need something to create an inviting atmosphere in the living room, this would help a lot.


To access the features, you have to create an Amazon account first. If you have one already, install the Amazon’s Alexa app on your device. It’s available for both Android and iOS. So whether you have the Galaxy S8 or the new iPhone X, you can download app before proceeding to the next steps. Launch it and then set some basics. You’re also required to add your Amazon account. There is another app you need to install, and it is called the Fabriq app. It is essential for setting up the speaker.

Fabriq Chorus 2

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The Fabriq Chorus works the same way as other Alexa-enabled speakers. You can speak directly to it and ask it to do something, like playing music, set an alarm etc. There are two primary connectivity options, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The wireless coverage is around 30 feet, which means you can stand 30 feet away from the speaker with the phone on your hand, and the sound output will still be clear. To connect it via Wi-Fi, make sure the hotspot supports a 2.4 GHz network. Otherwise, pairing is pretty much impossible.


It brings many improvements over the original model. One that’s really useful is the always-on microphone. This way, you don’t have to press a button before giving a voice command. It’s always active just like the Amazon Echo. Whenever it hears you say ‘Alexa’, it will be ready to receive further instructions. Mind you, ‘Alexa’ is the wake word for the Amazon’s voice assistant. There is for every virtual assistant. So, don’t forget to say that before asking a question.

It can be disabled if you want to save the battery. Another useful addition is far-field microphones. They are specifically designed to pick up voice from a distance. As for sound quality, it works just fine. Underneath the fabric there are a 2-inch passive woofer and two 2-inch drivers. The sound coming out of the speaker is very loud, but the quality itself is still below the other Fabriq speaker. It’s good for listening to certain types of music as it has a mid-heavy sound. But for an audiophile or someone who’s critical about the smallest detail, this leaves much to be desired.


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