Facebook’s Standalone Events App Rebranded as Facebook Local

Facebook Local

image source: techcrunch.com

Facebook re-launches its popular standalone app, Events. The name change to Facebook Local makes sense because having dinner at a restaurant isn’t necessarily an event, right? It can help users discover nearby restaurants, bars, and attractions. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can download it now. Some of the old features are still included, but there are new ones to check out as well. For those who want search for Local business listings, this app would help. Does this scenario sound familiar? Yelp might’ve come across your mind, which is what the new app is all about. While it seems to have taken a leaf out of Yelp’s book, there are still differences.

Events was launched only a year ago with the aim to help people find places to hang out. It was useful because the users could find nearby happenings on a particular day. For those unaware, on the homepage you will see shortcuts that you can tap to check nearby restaurants, cafes, and attractions. There are many others, anyway. Also, you can see where your Facebook friends like to go. The information is linked to a calendar, so it’s easier to see nightlife, music, and other happenings.

A discover feed provides top recommendations and shows what’s popular among your friends. There’s also a calendar tab which summarizes event invites and RSVPs. Facebook Local is useful for frequent travelers as it can switch between locations. Let’s say you want to go to City A for a holiday, the app can change to the current location. This way, you can see happenings across the city. It doesn’t allow you to place an order directly like the Order Food feature, but some restaurant pages provide links to delivery services, so it’s still a possibility.

Facebook Local 2

image source: techcrunch.com

How it works

Facebook Local is indeed beneficial. However, it’s quite complex for offering a variety of search options. You’ll get used to it, though. It’s worth-noting that users who already have installed the Facebook app can connect with Local automatically. Just use your Facebook account to access all the features. Following the synchronization, you can head to the home screen. There’s various information displayed there, including weather and nearby events. Scroll down until you see the ‘For You’ section. It will show you a list of events linked to all friends. If they have liked certain events, you can figure out from here.

Change the filters if you’re curious about events which are happening on a particular day. The map can also sort out events by time and date. Pay attention to the ‘Events’ tab. Here you can find happenings that are scheduled to take place within the next week. So if you plan to have a day off work tomorrow and want to go somewhere, check out this section and select a day. The app will come up with ‘Top Suggestions’. They are like the ‘Trending’ listings on the home page. Scroll down, you’ll come across so many events. Tap on one if interested, it will open a page containing details of that specific event, like when it will take place, how many people will attend, where to buy tickets, etc.


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