Meet the Vintage-styled Fender Newport, Fun Analog Controls Included

Fender Newport

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Fender doesn’t need an introduction because this brand is famous all over the world. If you’ve been a fan for a long time, the company now creates Bluetooth speakers as well. It is known for its music instruments, so we’re sure the speakers will deliver great quality. Here’s the Fender Newport, a recent offering from the company. It’s not an exaggeration if we say it outshines others in its price range.


The design is unique for a Bluetooth speaker because it’s very retro-inspired. If other speakers sport modern designs, this one takes us back down the memory lane with its vintage look and we really appreciate it. Everything from the amp jewel to the knobs screams vintage. It’s reminiscent of the Monterey, but the plastic housing confirms that it’s a different entity.

Although it’s covered in plastic, the speaker still feels sturdy. Not all sides are made of plastic. Pay attention to the speaker griller. This part is made of metal, which really improves its durability. There is also a Fender logo on top left corner. It offers a bunch of controls to adjust treble, bass, and other elements. You can also find volume dials and a pairing button. Well, it’s a Bluetooth speaker after all. Unlike traditional speakers that connect via cables, this one uses a wireless connection.

Fender Newport 2

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Not many speakers trigger a guitar sound when we do an action. The Fender Newport is really special because it reminds us of the predecessors. The tunes can be heard while executing certain tasks, like pairing, turning on, etc. You can also hear it when the battery is running low. Although the sound quality is superb, we do think the volume needs adjustment because it remains loud when the knob setting shows 0. On another note, pairing is very easy. As said before, it comes with a dedicated pairing button. All you have to do is press it and the pairing process will begin. Once it’s done, the pair button will stop blinking and you’re good to go. In addition to Bluetooth, it also includes other ports, such as an AUX port and a USB port. The latter is necessary for charging the battery.

Sound quality

With a long history of producing an amazingly diverse lineup of instruments, the superb audio quality of the Fender Newport doesn’t really surprise us. It’s definitely on par with the Monterey. In terms of loudness, it easily rivals other mid-range Bluetooth speakers. As for balance between elements, it’s also great. You won’t hear too much distortion in lows, mids, and highs. Many speakers do well in lows, but suffer from lack of clarity as the volume creeps higher. You can play different types of music to find out how well the output is. Being a wireless speaker, you can change the sound by controlling the equalizer on your phone. Pretty sure you can push more bass out of the speaker if you adjust it through the equalizer.

Battery life

Battery life is another aspect that will blow your mind. It’s claimed to last around 12 hours, but some users say that the battery can last longer than the estimate. It may give you 15 hours of playback time depending on how you use the speaker, like how high the volume is, etc.


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