Fitbit Aria 2 Promises Better Accuracy and Updated Features

Fitbit Aria 2

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The Fitbit Aria 2 is the second generation of the powerful smart scale. Now it’s time to upgrade because the new model is here with a sleeker and more attractive design. Besides, it has also been improved to provide accurate measurements. If you plan on using it with other people, the new Aria can save up to 8 different profiles.


When the first Aria wireless scale was introduced, people got so excited. It’s still one of the most well-known Wi-Fi scales right now. However, it had a few flaws which thankfully, have been addressed on the newest model. Some people complained that the weight estimates were inaccurate. The same happened to the fat percentage estimates. They said the results were off or different that they were supposed to be. The thing is, even today many scales still have a hard time measuring fat percentage properly. At a glance, it looks like an analog scale. But when you take a closer look, the Fitbit Aria 2 has a more mainstream design. It is beautiful and simple at the same time. The top is glass, which adds to its modern appeal. The surface is fairly simple, you can only see a circular backlit LCD there.

What’s new?

Despite the lack of cosmetic tweaks, the Fitbit Aria 2 still brings upgrades. It now packs 3 AAA batteries. It can withstand a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds. So if you’re pretty fat to begin with, as long as you don’t hit the mark, you can still use the scale safely. The older model could only handle 350 pounds max. The interface is also changed although it’s pretty minor. We are now allowed to pick from a list of personalized icons. Select one and it will greet you whenever you wake the scale. It doesn’t sound like a useful addition, but makes it more attractive somehow. If you’ve used the Qardiobase 2, you’ll understand what we’re talking about because it has a similar interactive feature.

Fitbit Aria 2 2

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With all the updates, the best one remains the improved accuracy. This is a scale first and foremost, so even if it has the most advanced features, they mean nothing if the estimates aren’t accurate. When compared to the original, it’s clear that the new Aria has better weight estimates. The setup process is easy, too. Just connect it to a Wi-Fi network and then sync it with your Fitbit account. Once they’re paired, the system will recognize each time you step on it to track progress. The results will be sent to the Fitbit app. It’s similar to a fitness tracker app which can collect data automatically whenever the device is being used.


Can the scale correctly identify who steps on it when it’s shared with another? In most cases, the scale can tell who’s who, but it also depends on the weights of those whose profiles saved in the system. If you’re close in weight to another user, the system may confuse the two of you. It can also help you achieve an ideal weight. Tracking can be done right from the app. Not just showing you your current weight, it can also display BMI or Body Mass Index. It’s commonly used to determine whether someone is at a healthy weight or not.


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