Fitbit Charge 2 Now With a Larger Display and Interchangeable Straps

Fitbit Charge 2

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There are many reliable fitness trackers out there, but the Fitbit Charge 2 turns out to be a perfect choice, not just because the nice design, but also because it has a perfect blend of features. It can track various stuff, like steps, sleep, heart rate, etc. The interface is also intuitive, so even novice users can comprehend it quickly. And the best part, this wearable comes at a reasonable price.


Fitbit is no stranger when it comes to stylish fitness trackers. In fact, many of the products it has released have unique styling cues that make them easy to recognize. The Fitbit Charge 2 is another addition to the lineup. There are a few improvements over the original model. First, the rubber strap feels much comfortable than before. Second, the OLED panel has also grown in size. Another thing we like is the level of personalization it has to offer. If you find the stock strap bland or uninspired, there are a few colors to choose from.


Fans have been waiting for a larger display for a long time. It may seem long overdue, but we appreciate the company’s decision to finally incorporate the new display. It still shows one metric, but now the top portion of the screen is dedicated to time and date. You can also maneuver through measurements like calorie burn, heart rate, steps, etc by tapping the screen cycles. While it packs a bunch of fitness-focused features, the tracker can be used to show incoming phone calls and messages. The Charge 2 also delivers simplicity. You won’t see multiple buttons on its body to control various things. Instead, there’s only one button to manage stuff.

Fitbit Charge 2 2

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Heart rate monitoring comes as a standard feature on this Fitbit series. This was nonexistent up until the Charge HR. The heart rate tracking is essential mainly to those who like to exercise. Even when you rest, it can still provide accurate reading. There is a new feature called the Cadio Fitness Score which basically tells how your body uses oxygen during a workout session. Another useful measurement is calorie counting. Just in case you want to know how many calories you’ve burned after doing an exercise, this tracker will help. It’s important to calculate calories if your goal is to lose weight. It can also be used to monitor sleep. The Fitbit Charge 2 is very comfy to wear. As said before, the strap feels smooth, so there is no problem to wear it throughout the night.

The Fitbit app

The Fitbit app can provide in-depth information regarding data that has been collected using the fitness tracker. It has a user-friendly dashboard. There you can see a resume of your daily activity. There are individual tiles which are linked to specific measurements. Just tap them if you want to dig more into the collected data. Another thing we find impressive is the battery life. It can last around 5 days when you use it to track run. The lack of GPS is one of the reasons why the battery is long-lasting. However, to those who consider GPS an essential feature, the Fitbit Charge 2 is probably not that appealing.


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