Flexible Floor Mats in All Weather Condition for Your Car

Cars mounted with floor mats in all weather are indispensable. This technology is designed to trap water, mud, road salt, and sand. It is essential to buy this device because this device has been designed to be flexible in all temperatures. Because this device there is a protector to facilitate and accelerate the cleaning of non-stick finish. And also designed to prevent cracks below zero and curly

Floor Mats Flexible in All Weather Condition

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Features of floor mats

Floor mats in all weather are made from sophisticated materials and also include OEM-free latex. Made of Thermoplastic Thermal Elastomer Rubber compound. This material does not cause odor, does not contain lead or PVC and is safe and recyclable. Floor mats equipped with features for easy cleaning non-stick finish. In the floor mats are also available a variety of colors namely, black, gray, and others for the completeness of all interior colors.
This floor mats provide for cars, minivans and SUVs and trucks. This equipment has many fronts and rear mat applications with a particular model. And other equipment also includes the best equipment of various shapes and sizes for vehicles. And on the rear mats are stacked in size, making it easy to fit almost any vehicle.

Specifications of Floor Mats

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Specifications of Floor Mats

  • 31 inches x 21 inches x 1 inch (size)
  • There is 2x front and 1x rear. Total three pieces
  • There is high-quality rubber using non-slip 3D solids
  • Font size 30 “x 19.5”, rear 60 “x 16.5” on product dimensions

Cleaning All Weather Floor Mats

Cleaning on the floor mats in all weather is quite comfortable because it has designed in such a way that the weather is often changed to get out of the car. The cleaning process begins with loose pedestal and maneuvering from inside the car, and dirt has poured from the pedestal to the car’s carpet.

Remove dirt in the car

Before the mat was the wash, first delete the dust in the car. The carpet is shaken to remove mild dirt, or it can be the sweep with a broom. If it is still not clean, use a scraper to remove any residual dirt and thoroughly clean

Washing and rinse

Washing can use warm water and detergent. For better can be soaked first then after that rub with a stiff brush. Then rinsed. More practical as in the video can use tap water then sprayed onto the mat.

Dry Mat

Before the insert into the car, make sure the carpet is completely dry. Because if the mattress is still damp, will cause mold and unhealthy. Also, if it grows mushrooms, it will be difficult to remove.

It’s all features and all floor mats in all weather specifications. And also the way of care of the application of the mat. If you want to know more details about this floor mats product, you can watch the youtube video below. All complete and necessary you have because this is very important for the protection of the floor of your car. See specifications.

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