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Garmin Connect

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If you own any of the Garmin GPS running watches, you should definitely check out Garmin Connect. While a fitness tracker can display various information, but the company has developed a comprehensive app for monitoring data collected by your device. It is seriously a powerful tool, which is why every Garmin owner should use it. Available in 2 forms, a Smartphone app and a web service, it offers a broad range of features for monitoring workouts. The best part is it has been improved a lot since it was first introduced. The dashboard keeps getting better. The widgets are also getting easier to customize. Here’s a brief review of the app.


The dashboard has an intuitive interface, which is important for an app with such an array of features. There’s an option to display data you wish to access or hide. It is beneficial because everyone uses their watches differently. By having the flexibility to pick data to be displayed you can focus only ones you access the most. There is also a sidebar containing various menus in which you can use to specify certain types of data to appear on the dashboard. For instance, if you add the widget ‘Activities’, then specific information will show up on there. It’s also editable, not just a chunk of text and pictures.


Garmin Connect is not just useful for those who want to keep an eye on their fitness goals. This is also useful to track your sleep pattern. As we all know, automatic sleep detection is a basic addition to Garmin devices. Right from the app, you can set your bedtime hours. The app will later come up with information regarding your sleep pattern, like how much you do it inside the predetermined hours or outside those. There’s also a feature to let you adapt goals to the lifestyle. How does it affect your workout routine? It’s claimed to encourage users to move and sleep more.

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If you weren’t so impressed by that, just go back to manual. To enable it, all you have to do is go to the Step snapshots, and then hit the steps number. It will take you to the description page. Select Edit, there is a toggle there labeled as ‘Auto Goal’. You can turn it off if you want to switch to manual, but don’t forget to input a preferred number. It is not easy to track data because the app gathers information from the day you connected it to your device. Thankfully, there is Calendar, this feature can help find collected data for the day. All types of data are stored differently, such as the heart rate, sleep, steps, etc. This allows you to get information concerning each type of data more easily.


Connections allow you to share information with other Connect users. Many people who use Garmin products also view their progress on the app. So if you’re interested to know what goals others have achieved, just take advantage of this feature to find out. Of course, not all data can be accessed because every user has their own privacy settings. They will probably hide some of the collected data for personal use. You can do the same, anyway. That’s all about Garmin Connect.


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