Garmin Vivomove HR Appears Stylish in a Lovely Classic Design

Garmin Vivomove HR

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There have been so many Garmin fitness trackers released recently. But if we had to narrow down the search, the Garmin Vivomove HR is probably the most interesting out of the bunch. What makes it impressive? Firstly, it has a conventional watch design. The form factor is quite refreshing because fitness trackers are now more geared towards modern designs. Although it looks traditional, the features added to this device are advanced, one of which a hidden display. At idle, the display shows nothing except for the illuminated lower half.


When we said the Garmin Vivomove HR was interesting, it mainly pertains to the design. Just take a look at the face. It looks nothing like a Smartwatch. In fact, it looks like a typical analog watch. These watches are still popular, but they’re not designed for fitness tracking. The fact that this device comes with a built-in heart rate sensor puts it ahead of conventional watches. The design looks sophisticated, while the build quality is solid. The only downside is it can be hard to see in direct sunlight. There’s no problem when the display is seen indoors, but the moment you bring it outdoors, the text on the screen will be harder to read.


It turns out that the new Garmin Smartwatch not only makes a good-looking timepiece, but it’s also packed with features. Despite the traditional appearance, it has a heart-rate sensor. You won’t see any buttons anywhere around the face because operations totally rely on swipe gestures. To navigate through menus, you have to swipe left and right. Since it’s based on the same operating system as the Vivosmart 3, it will be easy to understand if you’ve used the 3 before. This Smartwatch can be connected to a Smarpthone.

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When both are paired, you can check incoming phone messages right on the watch. However, there’s no filter option, which means you’ll either receive all messages or not receive any at all by disabling this function. Another feature you’d use a lot is music playback. It’s not equipped with built-in storage, so there’s no way to store music on it. All you can do is pair it with a Smartphone and control what’s playing. The heart rate sensor is very useful. Hybrid devices like this rarely show their best performance on either area, but the Garmin Vivomove HR does quite decently here.

It allows you to monitor your fitness levels better. It even comes with a feature to comprehend your emotions, like whether or not you’ve been stressed out recently. It gives the user a score of 0-100. The figure can predict how stressed you’re. There are many other measurements it can take, like calories burned, steps, flights of stairs climbed, etc. And to those who spend much time outdoors, the Livetrack will also be useful.

Battery life

The Garmin Vivomove HR has a decent battery life. It can go on for days in a single charge. However, it also depends on the use. If you use a bunch of features, it will probably last no more than 4 days, but if it’s used occasionally, the battery life will be extended up to 2 weeks. Overall, the smartwatch is value for money. It’s stylish and loaded with fitness features.


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