Google Pixel 2 Render Appears with Minimal Bezels

Google Pixel 2

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Google reportedly plans to disclose its new Pixel devices in the near future. There is a new picture released today showing the appearance of the Google Pixel 2. One of the biggest clues is that the Pixel 2 may come with an egde-to-edge display, something that most of us have been familiar with. It is actually a key feature to the Samsung Galaxy S8. So if you want to predict the final look, just take cues from the former device. Judging by the leaked render, we can see that the new Pixel will share similarities with its predecessor, the Pixel XL.

Design of Google Pixel 2

The original phone has a two-tone design and it may be carried over to the next generation. The top section is covered in black, really looks promising because it also is decorated with a matte finish. The screen-to-body ratio will also get better. This will definitely affect the experience of using the classy handset. There’s more to see, including a dual camera setup. The quality will be top-notch since it is supported by two 16-megaPixel sensors. There is another on the front with a sensor of 8 MP. Dual rear cameras are not only adopted by the Google Pixel 2.

By the time the flagship is rolled out to the market, expect to see other devices to come with this unique feature, such as the Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 5, and LG V30. Aside from the design, there are also rumors about it utilizing a Snapdragon 836 processor. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, many sources believe that it will see the light of day. According to reports, the chipset is now under development. There is no confirmation regarding the name, so take the rumored spec with a grain of salt. Fans can’t seem to wait especially because many of them have been waiting for a revised designed.

Google Pixel 2 Features

There is a chance that the new version will sport a totally new design, like the edge-to-edge display on the Galaxy S8. That would be more stunning if it also comes with front-facing speakers, a fingerprint scanner, and other advanced features. It is not clear whether the leaked render is legitimate because it looks as though it’s fanmade. This can be the case knowing how popular dual cameras are now. People are also looking for higher screen-to-body ratio as it kind of looks more in style. Sure, not all consumers are after this kind of screen proportion, but some consider it as an important factor to consider.


There is no denying that it is a fast-growing trend as more display means better visuals. While bezels are important, they are not the usable part of a Smartphone. The screen itself is the most functional part. Additionally, the Google Pixel 2 will also run on Android O, a new version that’s touted to be more efficient when it comes to getting updates. The operating system will improve the performance of the new device. It allows the device to run faster. Besides, the multitasking will also be more reliable than before. How much does it cost? The price tag is going to be expensive, but let’s wait for its release to make sure. It is expected to hit the market in October. (Also Read : Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 2017 You Need To Know)


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