HyperX Cloud Alpha, a Stylish Headset with Crisp In-game Audio

HyperX Cloud Alpha

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The HyperX Cloud Alpha is an affordable gaming headset that costs only $99. It doesn’t offer the most outstanding audio quality, but still good enough for an enjoyable gaming experience. There are some cool features, such as a new dual-chamber driver design which improves performance by keeping the low bass frequencies separated from the mids and highs. The company is well-known for its reliable headsets. They are all worth buying. The following is a review of the Cloud Alpha, let’s get right into it.


The design is recognizable because it maintains the same design language as the predecessors. For those who’ve see the products that make up the HyperX lineup, you will realize that the new headset does look distinctive especially with its black and red color scheme. In terms of durability, it’s promising because metal is selected as the primary material along with plastic. This is a good decision because using full metal can be too much for a headset. The plastic isn’t fragile at all. In fact, it can rival the strength of the metal. As for controls, there aren’t many to be found given that the headset doesn’t work wirelessly. The left ear cup houses an input jack for the cable. There is also an output for microphone there.

Sound quality

To get a better idea of its performance, you can connect it to different devices. Try it with a PC first, and then an iPhone or an Android phone. If you have an Xbox one or another console that comes with a headset jack, we suggest to try with that as well. With regards to clarity, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is impressive. The sound shows good balance in lows, mids, and highs. Since the headphones are stereo, it is easy to identify where a sound is coming from. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the same surrounds sound like that on the Cloud II.

HyperX Cloud Alpha 2

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At high volume levels, the sound doesn’t lose its detail. Low-priced headphones commonly struggle to produce clear sound at maximum volume levels. The sound tends to be distorted. That problem doesn’t exist here because the HyperX Cloud Alpha manages to deliver clarity and minimize distortion as you turn up the volume. After being tested with an iPhone, the outcome remains superb. Though gaming headsets are designed primarily for gaming, they can also be functional for casual use like listening to music. The bass doesn’t sound overbearing. The same applies to the drums that although powerful, are still balanced. Vocals are not pushed to the back, either. You can hear them without a problem.


Many gaming headsets serve lackluster mics despite killing it with spectacular audio quality. It’s quite surprising because both are supposed to go hand-in-hand. Sadly, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is no different. The quality of the mics is far from bad, but it could’ve been improved. Support for external mics means nothing because many gamers find built-in mics more practical. Well, it may not be the best, but it’s decent enough for talking to teammates. Overall, the headset is exceptional for the price point. Not being a top-of-the-line choice doesn’t mean it’s unworthy of appreciation. This is actually a decent headset with great sound quality for gaming and entertainment.


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