Iolo System Mechanic Keeps Your PC Clean and Fast

Iolo System Mechanic

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When it comes to tune up utilities, CCleaner is not the only option although it easily beats others when it comes to popularity. Here’s a review of Iolo System Mechanic. This is a great alternative tool for maintaining the performance of your PC. It works by removing unnecessary files from the system. They can take too much space and slow down the computer. You can also select which programs to run at startup. This is important because multiple programs running in the background can significantly affect the PC’s performance.

Another important feature is the ability to monitor software programs installed on your computer. Some of them may cause changes within the system. Just in case any unwanted changes have been made, you can roll back the process. Just go to Control Panel to remove the software. Iolo System Mechanic may not be the fastest in terms of scanning, but it still does a good job overall. System mechanic is a comprehensive tool that provides you with basic functions to clean your PC. It can also help protect your privacy. Keep in mind that privacy is a huge concern to everyone.


What is Iolo System Mechanic capable of? Right after the installation, you can check out the user interface. There are a lot of tasks that the software can carry out. Firstly, it can help defragment the hard drive. It can also boost internet connection by changing certain parameters. Even if the connection is not that fast to begin with, it can still do something. Not only internet, but the booting process can be shortened as well. For the record, the number of startup programs can interfere with the booting process. By keeping some of them disabled, it will take shorter to load the home screen. (Also read: WPS Office review)

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Each function can do more than expected. For example, a defrag module is employed in collaboration with the Program Accelerator. Files that are related will be organized in an efficient way. There are many other awesome features, such as SSD Accelerator and Accelewrite. Interestingly, this kind of optimization doesn’t occur in one aspect of the software, but across the suite, instead. Let’s say there is a problem with the hard drive, it can help identify and fix it. In the event where there are plenty of duplicate files, just launch the program and start the scanning process. Duplicate files are usually not needed, but take a huge amount of space. For this reason, deleting them on a regular basis is a good thing to do.

User experience

Is Iolo System Mechanic easy to use? Other tools have more complex interfaces, but this one is kind of compact. There is usually a list of checkboxes in such programs. As you launch the software, the boxes will show up. Thankfully, they are arranged efficiently. It won’t take time until you comprehend the layout and know how to use the available features. You might see a problem with how the files are handled. Like for example, cookies and broken registry entries are recognized as ‘issues’ although they aren’t all that. It also has its own way to rank a system. Let’s say a ‘critical’ notification pops up, don’t panic because the program can help repair the issues. Once they have been sorted out, the status will be upgraded.


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