IOS 11 Review You Need to Know about The System

Apple officially comes up with a new release of iOS 11 to every iPhone and iPad. Particularly, this is the most important update for iPad since eight years ago. Although you might don’t get huge improvements, you still can expect for more new things to improve your gadget performance. Before you start upgrading, maybe you should read the iOS 11 reviews to help you understand more about the system. Check out the details below!

IOS 11 Review

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What’s going to Change?

So, what’s going to be changed in this iOS 11 review?

All-New Control Center

iOS 11 is redesigned the control center into a single screen instead of two or three swiping panels. Buttons and widgets are going simpler. Some of them are sorted into a panel which you can expand for more options, but some others are simple button toggles. A nice different feature is toggle sticks which you can turn on airplane mode while not disconnecting the Bluetooth headphones. Furthermore, now you can customize the setting panel to decide which buttons you want and don’t want to appear. You can even get more quick access to Apple TV remove by turning on Control Center for your lock screen.

IOS 11 Review You Need to Know

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Notification Updates

Unlike the previous operating system, in this iOS 11 review, you will realize a new change in home screen update. Now, you can swipe away notifications you want to dismiss. You even get an “X” button at the very top to force clear all the notifications. However, Apple still doesn’t give you grouping information from a single app or put higher priority notification at the very top like what Android gives. Still, you can pull down and read all the same notification on your lock screen and operate the same.

Drag and Drop

In the previous OS, you can only drag and drop to move stuff around on the home screen. Now, you can move other icons by long pressing, dragging, and dropping them to the “drag group.” So, you can rearrange your home screen much easier. You can also drag multiple files between folders.

Improved Cloud Storage

Now, Apple gives you more top-level access not only to iCloud, but also other third-party cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. All those are available in the File apps.

Much-More Improved Multitasking

In this iOS 11 review, multitasking improvement is worth a lot for iPad users. Now you can split the screen and get more freedom to set the app on either side. You can control two apps at the same time in the multitasking view. You can even drag apps from the dock to either side of the split screen and open the third app in a slide overview.

iOS 11 Review: Final Thought

As the new OS has upgraded the system, it removes support for 32-bit apps and phones. If you still use apps built with 32-bit architecture, it’s time to update. In other words, this iOS 11 won’t work on your iPhone 5C, and here you need at least iPhone 6 series. Before closing our iOS 11 review, now it’s time for you to go directly to “setting” menu. Go to “general” and choose “software update.” In minutes, your iOS 11 will be automatically installed on your Apple gadget.

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