Jaybird X3 Provides Clear In-ears Sound, Perfect for Everyday Use

Jaybird X3

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When the Jaybird X2 was released, it quickly received rave reviews from sports enthusiasts and casual listeners. There are many reasons to love these headphones. Aside from the sturdy construction, the audio quality is also incredible. They’re totally designed for music lovers. Now the successor has arrived, called the Jaybird X3. How does it compare to the older model? One thing for sure, the new headphones are a major departure from the previous generation because the specs are improved.


The Jaybird X3 is still made of plastic, only this time it’s miles better. The material is soft to touch, not to mention that the earbuds are also becoming slimmer. The new wings are eye-catching, and the same goes for the ear tips. Speaking of the earbuds, they’re designed in a way that allows the sound to get into the ear easily. This directly affects the audio quality. Not only does it become clearer, but you will also hear it louder because external noise is minimized. The cable remains the same for the most part. It won’t disturb you because the cable isn’t too long unlike older headphones.


Bluetooth 4.1 is ready, which means pairing with your Smartphone is easy. Some sources claim that these headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time. However, some also complain that they have interference problems. So if you’re interested, do it at your own risk. It will be more apparent when the two devices run on different operating systems. As we all know, iOS and Android are both very popular and they also have their own voice assistants. On iOS, it is called Siri and on Android, it is the Google Voice Assistant. The connection is generally strong, you won’t hear stutters too often.

Jaybird X3 2

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Another thing that we like is the easy setup process. Whether it is Android or iOS, it takes only 10 seconds to connect. To talk to Siri or the Google Assistant, there is a button in the middle, simply hold it down for a while. The same button is also assigned to play and pause music. When it comes to battery life, the Jaybird X3 is claimed to last around 8 hours. This is the same figure as the X2, which indicates no significant improvement has been made. Hopefully, the future generation will have a bigger battery to provide a longer playback time.


The Jaybird X3 has good sound quality. Sure, there are other headphones that can produce more powerful bass, but the bass here is still excellent. The treble is unfortunately a bit lacking like it loses a bit of detail. The bass is kept within good limits, but it can be too much at times. And when this happens, you’ll hear it to be boomy. Also, don’t be surprised if the treble pushes the vocals to the back. It has to do with the dips in high-treble and low-treble. There are certain aspects where the X2 actually does a better job, like in mids. As said earlier, the vocals that are supposed to be at the front can fade due to the strong bass. The highs can also feel a bit overwhelming, but still comfortable enough to listen to.



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