JBL Pulse 3 Boasts Water-Resistance and Interesting Lightshow

JBL Pulse 3

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There are many Bluetooth speakers, but JBL has some of the finest products for audiophiles. Today we will be talking about the JBL Pulse 3. The new product provides even more customizations to users. One example is the skin. Most speakers are available in various colors, but they don’t necessarily act like chameleons that can change color easily. The Pulse 3 offers a new way of customizing the skin. The light show patterns can be changed to your liking.


The JBL Pulse 3 comes in a sleeker design compared to the Pulse 2. The older model featured mesh-like-grill heavily. It is gone now and replaced with a plastic material. Only a small part of the speaker still maintains its mesh grill exterior. The playback controls are located on the back. Meanwhile, the bass radiators are located on the top and bottom. The most interesting feature it has to offer is the lightshow. It is the one that prevents it from becoming boring after a while. Take a look at the top half of the speaker, it’s dedicated for this feature. It can now show color combinations or animations. Some presets are already available, but if you want to make it more personal, just customize the lightshow on our own.


There are many awesome features we’d like to explain. The first one is the Connect+ feature. It allows you to connect multiple speakers all at once. Let’s say you want to host a dance party and need a decent audio system. All you have to do is get several speakers with this app installed. Entertainment aside, the speaker can also double as a speakerphone. Not everyone likes talking on the phone hands free, but if you want to try, connect the Smartphone to the device and it will pick up your voice. It also supports voice assistant. The JBL Pulse 3 is not the only speaker equipped with this ability. The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home Mini also have their own Voice Assistants. The JBL 3, however, lets you choose between Siri and Google. Is it safe to use this speaker by the poolside? Yes, unlike many speakers that are prone to water damage, this one is designed water resistant. This means you can use it in places where the speaker is at risk of plunging into the water.

JBL Pulse 3 2

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Sound quality

The JBL Pulse 3 has exceptional audio quality. In nearly all essential aspects like loudness and clarity, the speaker delivers. The acrylic casing further improves resonance, creating an immersive experience. Although the Connect+ gives the opportunity to increase volume, one unit is powerful enough to get the party going. Of all components, the bass sounds the best because it is rich and ample. In comparison, you can turn on the JBL Xtreme because the bass sort of reminds us of the series. Other elements like the guitar, drum, and vocal can also be heard. They are not drowned out at all. Since it is a wireless speaker, Bluetooth range is a big matter. Fortunately, the Pulse 3 has a reliable Bluetooth range of over 30 feet. This means if you stand 30 feet away from the speaker with the Smartphone at hand, it will still work.

JBL Pulse 3 specs:

  • 223mm x 92mm x 92mm (Size)
  • Output power: 20W
  • Frequency response: 65Hz – 20kHz
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥80dB
  • Up to 12 hours of playing time



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