Lenovo Miix 720, a Powerful Tablet with Flexible Kickstand

Lenovo Miix 720

image source: pocket-lint.com

For those looking for a decent tablet with a clip-on keyboard, the Lenovo Miix 720 fits the criteria. On the paper, the device is reliable because it has an Intel Core i7 processor on board along with 16GB of RAM. The screen is also stunning as it comes in QuadHD+ resolution. If many tablets struggle to deliver good performance, this series easily outperforms all of them will these killer specs. We can see people treating it as a business device instead of something they use casually for playing games or streaming videos.

Design Lenovo Miix 720

The designs of Lenovo devices have always been impressive. The Lenovo Miix 720 isn’t any different. Though a tablet is supposed to look simple, it actually has a cool design. It has watchband hinge like those in the Yoga lineup. Aside from a detachable keyboard, there’s a stylus included in the package. All these additions can easily turn the tablet into a powerful laptop. Even the keyboard feels so seamless. There are two full-size USB 3.0 ports here and a Thunderbolt 3.0 socket. Additionally, it features a fan-based cooling system. The openings on top clearly indicate this. For the most part, we don’t find it unappealing. Keep in mind that this is a high-performance tablet, so essential features like this should never be ignored whether or not they affect the exterior.

Display Lenovo Miix 720

The display is something you’d expect from a premium tablet. Let’s start with the resolution. At 12 inches, it manages to pack 2880 x 1920 of screen resolution. This is way beyond impressive because this resolution still looks detail on larger displays. The QHD+ screen is not only detailed, but also produces bright and vibrant colors. If it wasn’t for the poor outdoor visibility, this tablet would’ve been very perfect. There is much glare when the device is used outdoors. If you have this problem, just use it in the shade. It is the only way to minimize the reflection.

Lenovo Miix 720 2

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Trackpad and stylus

We rarely address a keyboard when reviewing a tablet, but that is because most tablets aren’t equipped with this peripheral. Since it comes with the series, let’s see what it has to offer. They keyboard clicks with the tablet thanks to the strong magnetic pull. It is more than just an accessory. In fact, the keyboard makes the tablet fully functional just like a laptop. Typing experience is so far so good. The key travel is pretty ample as well, which is a bit surprising considering the screen size. The keyboard also has a backlight. This helps you type in low-light environments. The same applies to the trackpad. It doesn’t feel cheap and matches the price of this device. (Also read: Acer Iconia One 10 (B3-A30) Review: 10-inch Affordable Tablet)

Performance Lenovo Miix 720

Performance of Lenovo Miix 720 strong point. Powered by an intel core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, the tablet delivers great performance. There is almost no lag while running apps and doing various tasks. For your information, the model runs on Windows 10 Home, so you get all the new features from the operating system. To put it into perspective, we can say the performance to be on the same level as the Surface Pro 4. Due to its spacious RAM, there’s no slowing down when you use the multitasking. The fans are also quiet during use. As said before, the Lenovo Miix 720 has a fan cooling system, not a liquid-based one.

Lenovo Miix 720 features:

  • 292mm x 210mm x 8.9mm (Size)
  • 12-inch QHD+ (2,880 x 1,920) IPS display
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 8GB/16GB DDR4-2133MHz of RAM
  • 5MP rear camera, 1 MP Front-facing camera
  • Attachable magnetic keyboard
  • Lenovo Active Pen


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