LG Nexus 5X Review 2017 With New Interesting Features

LG Nexus 5X was launched their LG Nexus 5X in September 2015, and this year they will launch the newest version of Nexus 5X. It has some improvement about this smartphone, and this latest version comes cheaper than the old one. For everyone who can stand for its plastic build, this is the best choice for you. Let’s see this LG Nexus 5X Review 2017 to increase your information about this smartphone. Here they are.

The new LG Nexus 5X 2017 features

image source : www.expertreviews.co.uk

The new LG Nexus 5X 2017 features

There would be many people think about the difference between this Nexus 5X 2017 and the oldest one. It has some different features that would make people interest and want to have it. Let’s see the difference and newest features this Nexus 5X 2017. Here they are.

LG Nexus 5X Review 2017 With New Interesting Features

image source : www.techadvisor.co.uk

LG Nexus 5X 2017 Features

  • Display : 5,20-inch with IPS LCD
  • Screen Resolution : 1080×1920 pixels resolution with 423 ppl
  • Operating System: The newest OS Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Internal Storage : 16 GB or 32 GB
  • Random Access Memory: 2 GB

Those features aren’t too different with the old version. But, this Nexus 5X 2017 has 5,20-inch display feature with IPS LCD that feels very practical than the oldest version, it’s also easy and comfortable at hand, especially for one-handed using. This feature is one of the spotlight features of this Nexus 5X 2017. With the newest operation system Android 7.1 Nougat, this smartphone would be fresh and easy to operate. The internal storage and Random Access Memory are not too different from the last version, so that’s not important to discuss here.

Other Features of Nexus 5X 2017

  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2700 mAh Battery Specification
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
  • Rear Camera: 12,3 MP
  • Front Camera: 5 MP

There are not many different specifications with the latest version. But, it still needs to know if you want to make this Nexus 5X 2017 as your future smartphone. The rear 12,3 MP camera produces a good result even in a low-light condition and has awesome detailed pictures. It would be so good for everyone who is a camera-addicted. ( Also read : Lg V30 Phone Review 2017 That is Super Phenomenal )

Another information about this smartphone

  • Plus point: Modern and unique look
  • Minus point: The light-plastic materials would have many fingerprint mark left

Although this LG Nexus 5X 2017 have not many different features from the old version, it still has a lot of excellent and distinctions specifications compared to another mid-range smartphones today. This LG Nexus 5X 2017 has a modern and unique look, made by light-plastic materials with fingerprint readers on the back side and dual flash along rounded camera. The speaker and earpiece located on the lower and upper of this Nexus 5X front side.

There are still many features that worth to have for everyone who wants to look for a new smartphone. Those LG Nexus 5X review 2017 might help you either to choose it as your new smartphone or not. The decision is yours, think wisely and good luck to you.

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