Lg V30 Phone Review 2017 That is Super Phenomenal

One of the best phone companies from South Korea, LG reported will release the newest LG V Series this year. This series would attract everyone because the oldest series which are LG V10 and LG V20 has a lot of complete and sophisticated features that could impress people. This LG V30 phone review 2017 will take this theme up and discuss the features completely. Are you want to know more about this phenomenal smartphone? Here they are.

Lg V30 Phone Review 2017

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LG V30 Specification which is awesome

The more you know about the specification of this impressive smartphone, the more you want to make it yours. Many features of this high-end smartphone are extraordinary. The features would be as complete as the oldest series and would have extra features for making it different from the old one. This LG V30 review has some information for you who are curious about this phone. Let’s find out.

LG V30 Specification which is awesome

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Two version of Random Access Memory

This high-end smartphone would have two version of RAM. There are 4GB of RAM and 6GB of RAM. The oldest series already had 4GB of RAM, and this year there is two version of LG V30 that has 4GB and 6GB of RAM. Actually, with 4GB of RAM this phone already has a responsive multitasking feature and now there is a 6GB of RAM. How could it be? Awesome.

Dual Display with Quad HD Resolution

Now, we will show you LG V30 phone review 2017 that is many people amazed. The old LG V20 series had a massive good response because of its dual display. This newest LG V30 would have this dual screen as its most anticipated features. The first display is the primary display, and the other one is a secondary display that would help a user to see the notifications without turning on the main screen. The main screen is an AMOLED resolution with 5,5 Inch display, but unfortunately the second screen’s resolution isn’t announced yet. This AMOLED resolution will make you save the battery because of its black resolution showed in non-active pixel display.

High-quality audio and wireless charging technology

There are many users of LG V20 that said of its excellent audio features, and it would be so amazing because this LG V30 would be better than the oldest series. This smartphone also has dust and water resistant features so we could relax when we use it anywhere. This wireless charging technology also would make users very comfortable and happy to use this superphenomenal phone. And the other great features of this high-end smartphone is about its LG V30 battery feature which is a removable battery. It is so cool as a flagship smartphone.

The announcement from LG’s Website

We can find an announcement about this newest LG V series. They said that it would be something big and impressive for everyone who already waits for it. This LG V30 date release is still not confirmed yet, so we just have to wait until this phenomenal phone goes public. We just can’t wait longer. Hope it would be sooner.
How is it? Could you still waiting for this cool smartphone to launch? At least, those LG V30 phone review 2017 would increase your information about this phone. Happy waiting.

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