Logitech Circle 2 Keeps Your Property Under Surveillance

Logitech Circle 2

image source: androidpolice.com

Logitech recently released an update to its famous Circle security camera. Now it comes with additional mounting options as well as a 3-month battery. The Logitech Circle 2 is actually not a single device. There are two different models that buyers can purchase. The first one is called the Circle 2 wired, which costs around $180. The Circle 2 wire-free is $20 more expensive than its sibling. No matter which one you go for, both deliver great performance. The core features are also the same.


The Logitech Circle 2 looks sleek, but it’s somewhat more presentable than the predecessor. You’ll like the triangular design because the form factor gives it a sleeker look. Though the camera looks kinda cute, it’s actually rugged and strong. It can even withstand challenging weather conditions proven by the IP65 certification. This means the surveillance camera is not only usable indoors, but also outdoors due it its ability to resist dust and water. Heck, it can survive low and high temperatures, too. Aside from design, the new model also gets a major overhaul of its technology. For example, it features a 180-degree field of view, which is much wider than the older 135-degree angle.

Video quality

The image quality shows an improvement over the previous generation. While the resolution remains unchanged, it’s now equipped with automatic night vision via IR LEDs. The 1080p resolution is already high, so we’re fine if it doesn’t have an upgrade. Also, it’s worth-noting that features may vary depending on how you use the camera. For example, if it’s connected to the window mount, the IR LEDs will become unusable to avoid glare. It will improve its low-light performance in exchange. Another interesting feature you might need is live stream. It requires a Smartphone which runs either Android or iOS. This can also be done using the web app.

Logitech Circle 2 2

image source: nerdtechy.com


All the basic security features are present in the Logitech Circle 2. The first one is motion detection, which has been improved with Smart Alerts. They’re considered smart because they don’t give random notifications. Instead, the system picks only ones that matter. The notifications are sent to your phone. If there’s one coming in, you can tap on it and it will take you to a live stream. It can be followed by taking a snapshot or you can also use the voice function to warn the person caught in cam. If it’s too late and you don’t see anything suspicious in the footage, check the free cloud storage to find out what happened at that particular time / events you’ve missed.

There is also a geofencing feature called Smart Locations. The system will give you a warning sign anytime go outside the geofenced area. Inside the area, the camera won’t send any notification. There’s also Smart Time-Lapse Day Brief. This feature is useful for those who don’t have time to watch all the footage because it shortens a day’s worth of recording into a video with a duration of 30 seconds. There are many other incredible features, like the ability to recognize people and other objects. If a dog gets caught by the camera, it won’t alert you. But if it’s a person, it will send a notification right away.



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