NEC Keyboard AR Virtual Latest Innovation Make Keyboard in Your Arm

NEC Keyboard AR Virtual is the latest innovation from the Japanese company, which initially only a prediction, but become the reality which has significant influence. In general, this software can be used with a computer and by coordinating the glasses that contained the installed camera display. In technical, this is almost similar to smart watches, like apple watch. Please also note that this device can collaborate with mobile devices and others, with the aim of the user can enter data without using a large physical keyboard.

nec keyboard ar virtual

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In the NEC Keyboard, there are two devices: watches and eyeglasses. The two devices have relevance in determining each location on the virtual keyboard. From the statement, which displays a virtual keyboard is the glasses that are position as appearing on the human arm. Subtle vibrations can be detected by the sensor in the watch through the arm to record the keystroke.

Features of virtual keyboard

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The history of creating virtual keyboard innovations

The creation of a technology that has a high probability estimate is difficult. But the growing era, many people who have great science, smart, and intelligent. So that is not possible to be possible. Lots of companies are creating something new. For example, making smartphones, HoloLens reality headsets, and more. Of the many innovations, then the NEC Keyboard AR Virtual appears. With the presence of this product can improve the competitiveness of other sophisticated products.

Design of virtual keyboard on NEC Keyboard AR Virtual

The software is very sophisticated. Where in a virtual keyboard the user can practically type on his arm. And of course, from such a design can be accessed easily by the users. However, from the positioning of the keyboard in the arm, it will be limited because it can only be operated by one hand only, cannot be together. For this innovation, the tool is better to use in the case of a meditative and limited place.

Features on NEC Keyboard AR Virtual have guaranteed quality. Because in this innovative technology, there are AR glasses that serve as providing the necessary sensors associated with smart watches. With these AR glasses, the keyboard will be visible on your arm and can detect finger movements. Also, the watch can also control the keyboard display and timing of keystrokes can felt. Then has a touch input that has a high speed on the completeness of the sensor. (Also read : 4 Best Offline GPS App For Android Is Available)

The advantages use virtual keyboard

The benefits of using NEC Keyboard AR Virtual are enormous. Among them, first, a virtual keyboard with a pair of the smartwatch, to be able to project the keyboard into the user’s arm to quickly perform the contact-free operation. With the keyboard, design appear in the division is when the user knocks the watch then the vibration will be easy to recognize. AR keyboard can track finger movement because when the keyboard is floating on the keyboard allows the operation of contact-free. Also, the advantage is to make it easier for users when in an emergency. Why is that? Yes, because when there is no flat surface, NEC Keyboard is very helpful for you in typing.

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