Nikon D850, the Most Versatile Professional DSLR On the Market?

Nikon D850

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Nikon doesn’t try to be subtle with its new offering, the Nikon D850. We’re lucky enough to see several improvements over the predecessor. But the thing is, it receives a major overhaul. As we all know, the Nikon D810 is already a terrific camera. The fact that the new series gets even more powerful than before really boosts its appeal. Aside from a high resolution sensor, it’s also much faster this time around. It makes a perfect camera for professional photographers because it’s reliable for various shooting conditions, like landscapes, action, etc.


Full-frame DSLRS are bulky because they’re supposed to deliver top-notch performance and packed with the most features compared to other types of cameras. In this regard, the Nikon D850 proves itself to be a reliable DSLR because the build quality is fantastic. The camera is nothing short of sturdy. Yes, there are differences between it and the D810, but they have one thing in common, which is rigidity. It is made of magnesium alloy to provide incomparable strength.

It’s also designed weatherproof, so you can take it anywhere while doing outdoor photography. Nothing can seep into the inside easily, even dirt and dust. There are numerous dials, buttons, and ports around its body. There are also controls assigned to various settings. On the back, there are a couple of buttons, such as playback zoom, lock, and ok. They are situated next to the left screen. Pay attention to the bottom corner, there you’ll see a Fn2 button which is useful for rating images.


The features are extensive on the Nikon D850. The newest one is Focus Shift, meant for macro photography. Sometimes one shutter is not enough to create a high-quality photo because wide depth of field, light intake, and maximum sharpness can’t be merged into one at the same time. This helps by taking 300 pictures consecutively with different micro-changes. They will later be processed using software to get a high quality one. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and it’s easy to share pictures with friends on social media.

Nikon D850 2

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The autofocus system is arguably one of the best in any camera. The portrait and landscape shooting shows equal capability thanks to the 153-af point array phase-detection AF module. Even in low-light conditions like indoors, the autofocus performance remains terrific. It focuses on an object very quickly. It’s also good for shooting moving objects. While there are many good AF systems, finding one that can outperform this is not easy because it’s the epitome of perfection. In the DX crop mode, the AF array can still cover an entire frame. The live preview AF is speedy, but it still lags behind the Canon’s dual pixel.

Image quality

The Nikon D850 shows its versatility when it is used to capture different subjects in different environments. The 45.7 megapixel sensor can take high resolution photos. They show lots of detail and the Wide Dynamic Range ensures that everything in the photo looks clear without being washed out. There is no noise, which indicates that the camera really serves the ultimate performance. To get the best results at high ISO, you can try shooting in raw.

Nikon D850 specs:

  • 45.4 MP CMOS sensor
  • 3.2in, 2.36k-dot tilt-angle touchscreen LCD
  • Pentaprism viewfinder with 100% coverage and 0.75x magnification
  • Expeed 5 processor
  • Phase-detection AF
  • Wireless always-on Bluetooth connection
  • In-camera Focus Shift mode


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