Nokia Steel HR, a Stylish Hybrid Smartwatch with a Heart Rate Sensor

Nokia Steel HR

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The Nokia Steel HR bridges the gap between a Smartwatch and an analog watch. This hybrid device is special because it has a traditional appearance. Many people like the features carried by Smartwatches, but after seeing how futuristic they look, they go back to analog watches. In other words, they’d rather wear something with a conventional design than be able to access the advanced features. Unlike a regular watch, we can use the Nokia Steel HR to display notifications and measure the heart rate. Here’s a complete review of this stylish timepiece.


Not gonna lie, the face of the watch is really neat and pretty. There are two sizes available, 36mm and 40mm. The bigger one probably suits you better if you’re a man because men and women generally have different wrist sizes. The whole thing is made of stainless Steel, while the interchangeable silicone strap is made of a soft-touch material. Since it’s an analog watch, you’d see a solitary button on the crown. Use it to select data fields. Is it waterproof? To our surprise, the timepiece is indeed waterproof. It can survive water immersion at a depth of up to 50 meters. This means you can wear it while swimming. Sappire glass lends this ability to the watch. The screen can do many things. Apart from serving data like a fitness tracker, it can also show you recent phone calls.


Until you try the smart features, the Nokia Steel HR feels like a typical analog watch. It looks and operates the same way, but once you press the crown, the screen will wake and be ready to display information you’re looking for. It’s an OLED display, located somewhere inside the face. It can show daily steps, heart rate, distance, and battery level. Is it a reliable fitness tracker? Actually, the fitness tracking ability is more of a bonus. People buy hybrid devices because they look strikingly similar to analog watches.

Nokia Steel HR 2

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If you want something with powerful tracking capabilities, a pure fitness tracker is the better option. This watch will vibrate when there’s an incoming message or call. The addition of a heart rate sensor is also a good move as it makes the watch more functional. Interestingly, this feature wasn’t just added randomly only for it to come across better as a Smartwatch. It actually has a high level of accuracy. The reading isn’t that different from the Polar H10 chest strap. It’s not perfect, but very usable.


Just like many fitness-tracking devices, the Nokia Steel HR comes equipped with an app called Nokia Health Mate. As expected, this lets you view a complete history of your health data. There are a few highlights. In terms of interface, it looks straightforward, so it doesn’t take time to familiarize with everything. There’s a variety of data you can see, like the heart rate, sleep, daily steps, etc. The arrangement works well for other fitness tracking apps, so it’s not surprising that Nokia also gets on board. With all the features, the HR still manages to pack a durable battery which can last around 25 days on a single charge. But if you use the heart sensor a lot, it will be shorter than the estimate.


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