Need a Budget VR Headset with Superb Sound Quality? Try PIMAX 4K

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The PIMAX 4K is a cheaper alternative to the Oculus Rift. The Rift is not the only one that manages to stay ahead of its competitors. The HTC Vive is another strong contender, but the former still holds most of the market share. If you want one for cheap, the PIMAX 4K is the answer. We’ll write a review of this wonderful headset. Let’s get right into it.


The PIMAX 4K comes at a price of $350. This is fairly priced, but the specs are really tempting. It is claimed to have a 4K display, which is where it got its name from. In terms of design, there is nothing special. It looks very simple like many other VR headsets. The logo can be seen on the front with matte texture all around. The only part that boosts its visual appeal is the glossy trim around the edges. As you can see, the top houses the LED indicator as well as other controls, including volume and power buttons. Something about the strap further cheapens the image as it feels stiff especially when you wear it with the headphones. It feels like rubbing the top of the ear, which is really an unpleasant experience.


The display of the PIMAX 4K is everything. It serves crispness and clarity. This headset sets the bar so high that you can easily tell the difference after having hands-on experiences with other VR headsets. Videos show much detail when you see them through it. Both left and right screens have 1920×2160 resolutions. However, it is not really a 4K display as the resolution is split into two unlike Smartphone and laptop screens. It is still not a big deal considering the resolution per eye is still considerably higher than similar products on the market.


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What do you expect from such a display? One that becomes apparent is that problems like screen-door effect are gone. This can’t be said about other headsets because many still show bars which can be quite distracting. With all the advantages, we wouldn’t say it is a perfect piece. Some issues still persist, one of which is ghosting. It is said to be related to brain warp technology. It feels like seeing traces of things simultaneously. To get a better idea, try to move your laptop’s pointer on a black background. You will see dim traces left along the way. (Also read: The Use of Virtual Reality For Medical Purposes and Recovery)


The headphones paired are awesome. It is not just the design, but the overall quality is great. These and the headset can be used together with the strap on. All you have to do is place them in the side straps and wear it. It doesn’t feel cheap with all the cushioning which is surely made of a high quality fabric. The bread and butter is the audio. It is loud enough for us to get lost in the moment while viewing VR content. The bass is well-controlled, everything sounds balanced, too. If the headphones were sold separately, they would easily cost above $50 each.

PIMAX 4K specs:

  • 4K UHD screen resolution with 806 PPI
  • 110 degree Field of View (FOV)
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 1000Hz dual Gyroscope
  • Dual 53 mm large aspherical optical lens
  • Virtual 5.1 Soundstage
  • Acceleration sensor, magnetometer sensor, range sensor, light sensor


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