Razer Atheris, a Compact Wireless Mouse for Gaming and Productivity

Razer Atheris

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The Razer Atheris is an excellent mouse for work and play. Razer is known for making gaming-oriented peripherals. From the keyboards to the mice, they’re usually designed in a way that can increase the productivity of gamers. The new Atheris is slightly different because while the mouse is ideal for gaming, it can also turn into your day-to-day mouse. Of course, it includes advanced features from the company like AFT or Adaptive Frequency Technology. The wireless performance is great and it feels compact as well.

Battery life

It’s a good decision not to add illumination to this device because it helps extend the battery life. Backlight is nothing more than just an aesthetic touch to a mouse. This is also the reason why the company boasts battery life as the device’s strong point. It can last up to 350 hours, a fantastic figure if you will. This means you can use it for like 2 weeks continuously. The estimated figure only applies to a connection established via Bluetooth LE. Meanwhile, if it uses the wireless dongle, the results will probably be different.


The Razer Atheris takes design cues from the Lancehead. Both have rubber sides to provide extra grip. Another thing that they have in common is the split-center design. This extends to the button arrangement which feels noticeably similar between the two. Meanwhile, if you want to know the difference, the Atheris doesn’t come with two extra buttons like those on the Lancehead. It comes only in jet black. The lack of color options will probably bother some, but at least the only choice isn’t something people don’t universally love. Black is a common choice for computer peripherals, so you’ll like it. There is a tiny LED on top which changes from green to blue. The indicator light shows the current function state of the mouse.

Razer Atheris 2

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There are some key features, such as dual connectivity, Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT), 7,200 dpi optical sensor, and built-in Bluetooth LE. And speaking of the 2.4GHz dongle, turn the mouse around, you will see a hidden compartment for this extension. The scroll wheel can also act as a third button. The back is secured by magnets, but it can be peeled off. It doesn’t look obtrusive, so you’ll probably not realize it unless you’ve read reviews or someone told you about that.

The dongle easily slides into that compartment. The two buttons on the left side are forward and backward shortcuts. They are mainly useful for browsing. The good thing is because the mouse is programmable, you can assign them other functions. AFT is another feature you’d use frequently. It scans the different frequencies continuously and picks one that has the least interference. In other words, the mouse promises improved transmission stability.


The Razer Atheris delivers good performance. The buttons on the sides give nice feedback. The scroll wheel also feels responsive although the click function is nowhere close to high-end Logitech mice. Another downside is it doesn’t come with free scroll although you can operate it as a third button. The ambidextrous also makes it easy for everyone. As for connection using 2.4 GHz dongle, there’s no problem with that. The same goes for the Bluetooth connection.


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