ReMarkable Tablet, A Digital Drawing and Reading Device

ReMarkable Tablet

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Owning the ReMarkable tablet is like having a functional piece of paper. It offers a quite difference experience compared to the Microsoft Surface and other popular tablets. This one is designed specifically for those who like doodling. With a white exterior, it looks exactly like a piece of paper especially. Meanwhile, the coarse surface gives the feeling of writing on actual paper instead of a tablet. Not just for doodling, this device doubles as an e-reader. So if you like reading, this is good to have.


This concept is not new because the Amazon’s Kindle has been known for it for years. The difference lies in its latency. This type of device needs a responsive screen. And in this aspect, the ReMarkable tablet delivers. It’s probably not as quick as the Microsoft Surface, but the response time is still great. This makes a perfect option for avid sketchers. When you use it, there is no noticeable lag between writing and the text appearing. The best part is the screen has a coarse surface. It resembles a sheet of paper. The problem with many tablets is they have slippery screens. It is understandable because screens are normally made of slippery materials like glass. This device is unique because the display creates friction with the pen, so it feels like writing on actual paper.


The ReMarkable tablet is made of magnesium, so durability is not a problem. Being sturdy doesn’t directly affect its weight. In fact, it is pretty light for 10-inch tablet. Unlike others, the surface is not based on glass, proven by the coarse texture. You can protect it using an optional soft cover. There isn’t much going on at the front except the bezel. White is the color scheme. It creates the illusion of a sheet of paper. The device has a clean user interface. Unfortunately, it affects the choice of apps. Well, it is built mainly for writing and reading, so it serves its purpose.

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Web browsers, social media, and other platforms aren’t present here. Due to its simplicity, it doesn’t take long to learn how to navigate through the menus. The files that have been created will be saved to the cloud. To switch to ‘reading’ mode, you can do that by tapping on a book. Once it’s loaded, feel free to flip through pages using the swiping gesture. Another thing we find lacking is a store to buy books. This kind of device is designed for reading, so having a store app will be very beneficial because we don’t need to transfer e-books manually. Now that it doesn’t include this feature, you have to supply it manually. (Also read: iPad Pro 10.5 with a Stunning Display Design)

Battery life

Battery life is impressive for this device. You can make it through a whole week before needing to recharge the battery. However, it doesn’t come with backlight, which can be troublesome when you use it in low-light environments. To refill the battery, a microUSB is needed. The tools are arranged nicely along the side. There are basic tools like brushes, rulers, and others. There are also templates just in case you need guidance while drawing. Not everyone is an expert. Some people need to use grids and other extras to create nice drawings.


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