Ricoh Theta S Review For Fun Photo Experience with Camera 360-degree

Are you a traveler? Then the camera must have been a friend of your journey that must always exist. These because perpetuating every moment of the trip becomes necessary to be remembered later. Therefore, Ricoh Theta S review can be one solution travel camera that you can use. The main advantage of this camera is its 360-degree angle! Yup, this camera has a full 360-degree angle.

Ricoh Theta S Review For Fun Photo Experience

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Ricoh Theta S specification

The Ricoh Theta S review, released in September 2015, is the third generation of the Ricoh Spherical Camera series. All cameras of this series have a full 360-degree angle, but Ricoh Theta retains its features. Let you not curious, consider short points from this camera specification.

  • Resolutions: 5376×2688 pixels in 12 megapixels sensor with 14 effective megapixels combined Sensor: 1/2.3”
  • ISO Range: 100-1600 in all modes
  • Lens type: two bird-eye lenses with 360-degree combined horizontal field of view
  • File format: JPEG
  • Connectivity: HDMI 1.4, Micro USB 2.0 for power and data, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
  • Not enough just to know the specifications, then now let see the review from this camera.

Ricoh Theta S review camera

Ricoh always creates cameras with high specifications, as well as with the camera to be discussed this time. Let see together what are the advantages of this camera.

Ricoh Theta S review camera

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Sleek and easy to grasp

Before buying a camera, of course, the look or body of the camera is also a consideration. Thus, Ricoh Theta S is highly recommended for you. These because this camera has a slim body appearance or also called with a handled camera. But indeed all series of Theta has a handled body appearance, in other words very comfortable to hold and enter the bag because of its size is just a handful.

Ricoh Theta S review with 360 wide angle

Then after seeing the look of the camera body, the second thing that should be check is the superiority of the camera lens itself. And this lens is the main attraction of Ricoh Theta S! Yep, this is because the lens of the series Theta third generation has a lens with a bird-eye model, which means this lens is capable of capturing images in the 360-degree range. If some time ago in a splash with a fish-eye lens area of 270 degrees, then the bird-eye lens offers the widest range of cameras.

Memory and battery

Ricoh Theta S camera uses Li-Ion manifold battery life whereas its internal memory is 8 gigabytes. Unfortunately in this camera is not an available slot for external memory, but with 8-gigabyte memory also can save about 1600 photos. These why the photo produced in Theta S measures only 3.5 to 4 megapixels only. Meanwhile if used for video, the battery is reliable for recording 40 minutes. Also read : Monitor Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Suitable For Gaming

Now you must have understood why this camera is highly recommended to accompany your trip. By using Ricoh Theta S review, also, too easy to carry, you can also capture every special moment in the frame of a charming photo. Thus, the process of taking pictures is also more fun because you can take pictures with many people at once. Get this camera and create a fun photo experience!

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