Samsung C32HG70 Delivers Vivid Colors for a Great Gaming Experience

Samsung C32HG70

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It takes time and effort to build a gaming PC. It’s also costly given that you have to buy components separately. One of the things you have to buy is a monitor. On this occasion, we’d like to introduce the Samsung C32HG70. There are a few things to take into account upon purchasing a monitor. The first one is the size. This 32-inch display is large enough for gaming. Besides, it also has remarkable color reproduction.


The Samsung C32HG70 sports a slim design. It comes with a stand, so you can easily put it on a desk. But if you want to mount it on a wall, there’s a mounting plate in the package. Just use it, so you can clear up some space. On the back there is an RBG LED light. Turn it around or inspect the rear if you’re curious about it. As for ports, Samsung includes some, such as Display Port 1.4a and HDMI 2.0. Apart from those already mention, you can also find a USB 3.0 that can be used to connect peripherals. If you want to listen to audio through headphones, the monitor comes with audio intercept for that purpose.

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Is the setup easy? The setup process is luckily not that complicated because the menu systems are arranged nicely. The operation uses a joystick located on the back. Grab the lower right side to find it. There’s no need to stand behind the monitor because it’s accessible from the front. To get started, press it until you see the menu showing up. And then, you can adjust parameters to your liking. There is also an option to assign certain modes to games. With every mode change, the system will give you a sign. For example, if it goes into HDR, there will be a notification coming up on the screen in the form of an overlay graphic. It will disappear as soon as you notice it.


Saying the display decent is an understatement. Stunning is probably the better word to describe the display quality. It makes an amazing gaming monitor. It covers 92% of the AdobeRGB color space with a minimum of 88%. The interesting part is the sRGB coverage exceeds 100%. Do you find it suspicious? Well, it’s not weird at all because the monitor can display colors more than what the human eyes can detect. In other words, the screen is incredibly colorful and vibrant. This is exactly why it’s ideal for gaming. Videos and images look pop as if they spring out of the screen.

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It would be better when you take advantage of the HDR mode. Another thing you should know is FreeSync support. For the record, the Samsung C32HG70 is one of the pioneers when it comes to the FreeSync 2 technology. This clearly has a major impact on gaming experience. A dynamic refresh rate reduces the chance of screen tearing. As a result, gaming feels more pleasant as you don’t have to deal with the screen splitting up. The monitor also includes HDR support. If you have a Sony PS4, you can enjoy the feature because this device in particular is compatible with the HDR support on the Samsung monitor.


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