Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad Review

Samsung fast charge wireless charging pad

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Wireless charging gives us a new option to charge a battery instantly without the need for a USB cable. It uses electromagnetic fields to induce an electric current which will later be converted into power. Many people think of it as a gimmick because it doesn’t offer any significant difference compared to the conventional charging method. Well, it’s still beneficial to those who don’t want to plug a cable into their phones anytime the battery runs out. Another benefit is the wireless charging standard, or Qi has been used widely, so chances are you can find it in public places. If you don’t bring your USB charger with you, this will save the day. There are many charging stands produced by different manufacturers. Today we’ll write a review of the Samsung fast charge wireless charging pad.


The wireless charger looks stylish in black. Many people love black on their digital devices, so this would spark your interest. It doesn’t feel big and costs only $69.99. It works the same way as other chargers. All you have to do is rest a phone on the pad, and it will quickly charge. Specific Galaxy series can take advantage of the fast charge technology included in this device. This allows you to fill the battery up to 1.4 times faster as long as the phone is compatible.

It has a dimension of 3.5 x 7.2 x 0.8 inches, pretty compact if you ask. Glossy plastic can be spotted all over its surface. It also has a rubber part to improve grip. To see the charging status, there is an LED light on the front. Meanwhile, the bottom houses vents. This type of device needs to be continuously cooled down as it generates heat. In this case, the vents help channel out excessive heat produced during the charging process. Only connect it to a 2A adapter because it’s the most suitable one. Using another may shorten or harm the charger, so be careful. (Also read: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Surprises with Excellent Design and S Pen)

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Though made by Samsung, the Samsung fast charge wireless charging pad also works for other Qi-enabled phones. However, to make use of the fast charging feature, you should own either the Note 5 or S6 Edge+. It takes shorter to for the battery to reach full capacity if you use one of the series above. While the charger is designed for various phones, larger devices like tablets are probably not suitable since we need to center a tool to make it work.


To use the Samsung fast charge wireless charging pad, you just need to connect the charging pad to an outlet. Depending on the type of phone, it can take minutes or hours to charge the battery fully. For those who are lucky to use the fast charge feature, the battery can reach its full capacity in under an hour, 50 minutes to be exact. Once a device is connected to the pad, the screen will turn on automatically. A notification will follow shortly after and show how much power is left. Responses may vary across devices. For example, the Nexus 6 doesn’t provide the same reaction when it is connected to the pad. As for the status light, blue indicates the phone is charging, while green means it’s fully loaded.


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