Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Isn’t Really a Major Upgrade, But Swimproof Now

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

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Fitness trackers have been gaining popularity within the past few years. With plenty of improvements, these devices have now become more reliable than ever before. One of the latest offerings is the new Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. The term ‘fitness tracker’ and ‘Smartwatch’ are used loosely by people, but it’s important to remember that both are different. A fitness tracker, as the name implies, is something we use to track our fitness levels. A Smartwatch may offer fitness-focused features, but it’s mostly for communication. It makes it easy for us to see emails, respond to them, and check out other things we usually do on a Smartphone, like texts, calls, etc.


The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro resembles a band. It also retains the same feel perspective as the previous model. Even the specs aren’t really a big departure from the original Gear fit. This is understandable because the predecessor was already a capable fitness tracker. Without dramatic changes, it will still be very useful. The new model is now water resistant to the point where you can wear it for swimming. It can survive water immersion at a depth of 50m.


It features a 1.5-inch super AMOLED with a 216 x 432 resolution. Being an AMOLED, the color reproduction is wonderful. It’s technically better than other display technologies as far as deep blacks are concerned. It’s not just the type of the display, but the brand itself is a guarantee of quality. The brightness is sufficient, but struggles a bit when we use it outdoors. All things considered, the display is awesome. It’s not too big, either, so you can carry it around for hours without even noticing it because the device is light.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro 2

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The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro now offers support for offline Spotify. This means you can listen to music even when the phone isn’t around. Just connect it to a Bluetooth headset and you’re good to go. While this is useful, logging into the Spotify account can take forever because the display is really small. So if the account details (username and password) happen to be long, you’ll likely struggle to type in them. There are many things it can track, including sleep, steps, heart rate, and distance. A Built-in GPS is also included, which is useful to track your running route, distance, and speed with precision.

The user interface is easy to understand. What makes it better is the face is customizable. You can add in a few widgets, such as calorie counting. As for the battery life, it lasts 2 days on average. The power will deplete quickly if intensive features like GPS are enabled all the time. For this reason, make sure to charge it to full capacity before you run with it. When it reaches 15% remaining, you’ll be offered to reduce power usage by activating the battery saver mode. The device is charged via a charging stand. And it’s very fast, gives at least half a day of use with only 10 minutes of charging. Also, it’s worth-noting that the device works with Samsung software like the Gear and Health apps. They are available on the Google Play Store. If you have a Samsung phone already, these apps come pre-loaded on it.


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