Samsung Gear IconX 2018, Heart Rate Sensor Gone, Battery Improved

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

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Smartphone manufacturers don’t just produce phones. They also create accessories for the handsets they’ve released. There is a big difference between purchasing accessories from the same and a different brand. For example, if you have one of the Galaxy series, then the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 earbuds are a better option than those made by another manufacturer. The trend has started a year ago. At that time, Samsung came up with the 2016 version of these buds. Google also hopped on the trend by introducing the pixel buds. We wouldn’t be surprised if more companies follow in the footsteps because wireless ear-in headphones are relatively a new thing in the industry.


There are a few subtle updates in terms of design. Overall, it still looks similar to the previous generation. These earpieces are lightweight and fit snug in the ears. Buyers are offered 3 colors choices, pink, grey, and black. A selection of wings and tips come in the package. Since everyone has different shapes and sizes of ear canals, these would help. You’ll have no problem finding ones that suit your ear the most.

Wearing earbuds that don’t properly fit the ears will make them slip off easily especially when you’re sweaty. Sadly, the heart rate sensor that became a part of the older pair is now gone and replaced by a larger battery. This is not really a bad move because every device serves different purposes. If you need something to track your fitness levels, then a smart tracker is much better. Just like other earbuds, the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 also offer a charging case. Just put the pieces in the box and they will be charged immediately.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 2

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Even if the heart rate sensor is taken away, it still has fitness-centric features. It can measure distances and speeds. The data is collected from the accelerometer, not a GPS. As for the results, they’re pretty accurate. You can compare the results to those recorded with the Fit2 Pro. Then again, these pieces aren’t supposed to be a fitness tracker, so the lack of tracking features is acceptable. There are touch controls on them in which you can use to adjust volume or play/pause track.

Swiping up/down is for volume, a single tap is assigned to play/pause, while a double tap is for skipping track. Interestingly, it can also help you answer a phone call and end it when the conversation is over. They’re equipped with 4GB of in-built storage for storing music. There is no need to use your PC as a hub to transfer data. You can initiate the process directly between your phone and the earpieces.

Sound quality

Sound quality is clearly important and can’t be put aside. In only one year, Samsung has improved the sound quality of this product significantly. The mids show so much clarity. While Jabra and Bragi have compelling earbuds for audiophiles, the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 do a great job here. The ‘Ambient Sound’ mode also works very well. This feature is like soundproofing, but works differently. If soundproofing focuses more on the material, this one uses technology to amplify sounds coming from the environment, so you can still hear what’s going on around. This way, you won’t be completely detached from the real world while enjoying the music.


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