Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Present a Binaural Listening Experience

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart 2

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The Sennheiser Ambeo Smart are more than just a pair of earbuds. They may look indistinguishable from the rest, but the technologies embedded in them are advanced. They offer cool features, such as recording 3D audio. For those who have seen spherical videos, you’d probably think that surround sound would make them a lot better. There are two directional mics on the ear hooks. In addition to securing the headphones in place, they are also capable of recording stereo audio which can later be played on your stereo loudspeakers. The 3D technology imitates the work of the ear. As you turn your head, the direction of the sound will also change.


These headphones look clean. If you’re looking for a pair that has a straightforward design, we highly recommend the the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart. They are based on the same drivers as the HD1. However, they still look different, most notably because the Ambeo comes in an over-ear hook design. This helps the earbuds hold on to the ears securely. They also offer tips with three different sizes along with a case to store them while not in use.


One of the highly-anticipated features is binaural recording. For those unaware, binaural recordings are different than normal recordings because they follow the way human ears work. Binaural actually refers to using both ears. It’s like 360 degree audio recording. When the footage is played through proper headphones, the sound doesn’t feel like it comes from one direction. Instead, it sounds immersive as if you’re there when the audio was being recorded. It should be a great complimentary element to 360-degree videos. This recording capability is similar to that on hand-held stereo recorders. So if you always use such devices to create immersive sound recordings, try the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart because it’s more affordable.

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart

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The headphones also provide Ambient Monitoring. It’s hard to hear sounds that come from the surroundings because ear-in headphones are designed with noise cancellation, which is a big concern to audiophiles. The problem is when you’re too focused on the music, it can be dangerous since you’ll be less aware of the surroundings. This technology helps provide real-time monitoring even when the music is on. As mentioned before, the earbuds have built-in mics which can pick up sounds from the outside world. Basically, you’ll hear music mixed with the sounds of the environment. Their levels can be adjusted to your liking, so don’t worry about one part being too loud.

iPhone app

There is an official app you can install on your iPhone to gain better control over the headphones. It is called the Ambeo Smart Headset app (by Apogee). It has a bunch of useful features. First, it allows you to adjust the level of the 3D microphones. Second, it can help customize the playback EQ response. If the default setting can’t meet your needs, there is an option to change the EQ curve manually. It also offers a Smart Slider assigned to different functions. For example, it can help activate the interact mode. As the name suggests, this mode allows the user to interact with other people around. Overall, the Smart are cool to have not just because their top-notch audio quality, but also because their unique features like ambient recording.


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