Spark Nano 5.0 Provides Reliability in all Weather Conditions

Spark Nano 5.0

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Having a GPS tracker in your car is indeed important. These devices are not specifically designed for vehicles. Everything of value that you have needs to be secured this way. There are many GPS trackers on the market, but to choose the best one is like finding a needle in a haystack. We will introduce to you the Spark Nano 5.0. In purchasing a GPS tracker, it is important to know the features. In this regard, the Nano 5.0 doesn’t disappoint. Aside from its affordable price, it also offers real-time tracking via an app or the site.

Design Spark Nano 5.0

GPS trackers come in a wide range of sizes. Smaller is always better because we can hide it easily. Yes, this device is compact enough to be kept hidden inside the car. The shell that wraps the hardware around is also weather-resistant, so the durability is extremely great. Another good thing is that the app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Overall, the build quality is solid. Just touch it yourself to figure out how sturdy the construction is. It measures 3″ x 2″, clearly shows its advantage over other trackers.

User experience

Viewing a location can be done easily on a Smartphone. Other devices like tablets and desktop computers are also supported. It will give an instant notification via email or text just in case something alarming has happened. Compared to others, the real-time tracking is arguably the best. That’s why we recommend it for business purposes. While it can be used to protect personal belongings, it is good enough to be used on a larger scale. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can stay active for like 2 weeks depending on the usage.

Spark Nano 5.0 2

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Features Spark Nano 5.0

The Spark Nano 5.0 has advanced features to provide the best protection. There is a feature called Rapid Track which comes with an improved tracking speed. To use it, you should switch to laptop viewing. It also works in collaboration with Verizon to maximize coverage. It is not easy track down something that gets lost in a large city or a rural area. Thankfully, with this feature, locating can be done more accurately. The Nano 5.0 also offers various customizations. For example, the user can determine the frequency of the reports and where they are sent. (Also read: Jabra Freeway Offers a Perfect Blend of Simplicity and Functionality)

There is also a mapping feature to help you locate a device better. The accuracy is just as good as the previous generation. Have you heard of Geo-Fencing? This unique ability gives more comfort to parents because they can monitor their young ones easily. Let’s say you allow your son to drive around. Just use this feature to determine an area where he can cruise around. Once he tries to escape that, the device will send you an alert.

There Spark Nano 5.0 has a panic button. It follows the same idea as Geo-Fencing. The difference is with a panic button, you can be notified at any time without waiting the tracker to stray too far. Let’s say the GPS tracker is carried by your child and he suddenly faces a difficult situation. Tell him to push the panic button in such circumstances, so that you can come to the rescue.

Spark Nano 5.0 specs:

  • 64.50 x 40 x 20.5 mm (Size)
  • 2000mAh battery
  • CDMA: Verizon
  • Operating Bands (MHz): CDMA/1XRTT:800/1900
  • Location Technology: 50 channel GPS (with SBAS)
  • Location Accuracy: 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS)


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