Ultimate Ears Blast And Megablast Get Smarter with Alexa

Ultimate Ears Blast And Megablast

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Ultimate Ears has a history of creating reliable wireless speakers. The new offers, the Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast aren’t different. From the outside, they may look like typical cylinder speakers, but once you test the audio quality, you’ll see the difference. At first glance, they’re somewhat reminiscent of the Boom 2 and Megaboom 2. We’re talking mainly about the form factors of these devices. However, the new generations now come equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, which means they will be much smarter than before.


The only differentiating factor between the Blast and Megablast is the size with the Megablast being noticeably bigger than the sibling. As for capabilities, they’re quite basically the same. Both are available in various colors, such as Graphite, Blizzard, Blue Steel, and Merlot. Although cylinder, they can also lie flat on the floor. In other words, you can use them vertically and horizontally. Despite the common design, these speakers look very attractive. We love the fact that they come in solid colors instead of being wrapped in patterns. The Blast weighs around 2.3 pounds, while the bigger one weighs 3.8 pounds. The bigger size puts the Megablast at an advantage as it packs more speakers. As a result, the output is inevitably louder on this one. There is a micro USB port for charging. It also comes with an optional charging dock if you will.


Though the Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast have striking resemblance to the predecessors, they still have hardware upgrades. For instance, the new series now feature mic arrays on the outside to help communicate with Alexa. There is also a new Wi-Fi chip. Another substantial upgrade is the audio quality. The Megablast clearly benefits it more than anyone else. As said before, due to the size, the Megablast is equipped with more speakers, which in turn boosts its loudness by a large margin. It’s like 40% louder now. The small Blast isn’t that far behind, though. It’s actually comparable to the previous releases as far as volume is concerned. It can still fill up a large room without a problem. The battery life is also longer for the Megablast. It manages to last 16 hours, while the smaller model lasts 12 hours on average.

Ultimate Ears Blast And Megablast 2

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Many portable speakers these days use Bluetooth as their primary connection. There is no denying that Bluetooth is great as it eliminates the need for cords. However, Bluetooth isn’t perfect in the sense that it has a limited range despite being widely accepted as a wireless technology standard. UE ensures that consumers can enjoy more convenience by adding Wi-Fi capabilities to these speakers. This is what sets Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast apart from other portable speakers. Another noteworthy feature is a IP67 rating, which pretty much confirms that they’re not susceptible to water damage. They can survive water immersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.


We’re grateful for the Alexa integration, but the capabilities are a bit limited. It’s designed mainly for music, so there is no problem when you want it to play music from Amazon music streaming service. Others aren’t present as of now, but may be coming your way, like Spotify and Pandora.


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