Viofo A119: Fairly Priced, Yet Offers Impressive Video Quality

Viofo A119 2

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The second generation of the Viofo A119 has arrived. There are several differences, but the most notable one is the V2 comes with a uniquely-shaped GPS mount. The same goes for the electrical contacts running from the camera to the mount which look different than before. The V2 is also claimed to have better connectivity. Did you have a problem with the connection on the first generation? If so, then upgrading is probably worth it. Some users complain that their cameras power randomly.


For the price point, the Viofo A119 offers comprehensive features. The $100 dashcam comes with an optional $10 GPS mount. Design-wise, the cam is impressive. Everything seems to be considered carefully, including how the camera lens works. It is easy to mount it anywhere on the windshield without worrying about views getting blocked. Despite the reasonable price, the cam comes packed with features. There is time lapse recording in which people use for surveillance. There are also forward-collisions warnings and lane-departure. These features are common in other high-end dash cams.


We should appreciate how easy it is to operate the Viofo A119. Even for those who have never used a dash camera before, it doesn’t take long to familiarize yourself with the controls. There are several navigation buttons offering different functions. The low price is not excuse for it to deliver poor performance. It is actually the opposite. The cam has a Wide Dynamic Range which results in colorful footage especially when it’s used to record in bright lighting conditions. It supports up to 1440p at 30 fps, making it one of the first dashcams with this capability. Video quality is awesome in places where light is available in abundance. Surprisingly, the low-light performance is equally good. Just try it yourself if you weren’t convinced.

Viofo A119

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The GPS version costs $10 higher. Whether or not you want to spend extra, it still does its job well. The GPS further improves the ability of the cam. It can locate your current location and speed in the recorded footage. Without it, the cam goes well with the windscreen. There are two options after the footage is captured. Firstly, you can directly watch it on the 2-inch LCD. Secondly, you can transfer it onto a larger screen. To do this, pull out the SD card where the footage is saved.

Another thing we like about the camera is how flexible the lens is since it can move vertically or horizontally. This allows us to freely mount the device. What is the extra storage it can support? There are several sources that say the storage can only be expanded up to 64GB, but based on what we heard from the manufacturer, the maximum capacity is actually twice bigger. This means you can insert a 128GB card to keep more footage. This amount equals to more than 13 hours of recording time. In conclusion, the Viofo A119 is inevitably a decent dash cam. It may not be on the same level as the Dome D201, but it has a low price to make up for everything you think is lacking.

Viofo A119 specs:

  • 85mm x 52mm x 36mm (Size)
  • Max. resolution: 2560×1440 @ 30fps
  • 2-inch screen
  • Optional GPS in mount
  • MicroSD card support, expandable up to 128 GB
  • Video format: .mp4


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