Withings Body Cardio Scale Keeps Track of Your Health

Withings Body Cardio Scale 2

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The Withings Body Cardio Scale can measure different types of biometric data. Just like any other scale, to get accurate readings you have to stand on it. Due to its stylish appearance, you can place it anywhere. It would turn into a centerpiece once you place it in the bathroom or bedroom. It measures 13 x 13 inches, not too large considering the thickness is only 18mm.


The design is looks pretty straightforward, but still elegant. It makes sense because this belongs to high-end devices. The body is covered in aluminum with tempered glass as an accent. The color combination is also beautiful, helping it blend in well with any background. The build quality is solid thanks to the glass-metal composition. Considering the older model was plastic based, this is definitely an upgrade. Another thing that we like is that the top is flat. Your feet can stand comfortably on it without the need to adjust position.

Battery life

For those unaware, the Withings Body Cardio Scale is the first in the lineup to have a rechargeable battery. According to reports, it can last up to a year. But several reviews suggest that it runs out faster than expected. It highly depends on the usage, though. If you frequently measure your body weight as well as use the included features, then it will surely last shorter. Wi-Fi, for instance, is known for draining power quickly. Since this feature is present, you should use it wisely in order to save the battery.

User experience

After unboxing, the next step is to set it up. Once it’s done, you just need to stand on the scale. As said before, it can measure many different things, including bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass, weight, etc. The scale can even display weather forecast, which is probably a bit over the top for many users. It takes time to calculate all the data. The more you ask, the longer the process will be.

Withings Body Cardio Scale

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There is the term ‘Pulse Wave Velocity’ which indicates how fast your blood flows through the arteries. Keep in mind that this data is very valid to determine whether you’re physically healthy or not. Yes, the cardiovascular health has a major impact on your overall health, so don’t overlook the results. Lower speeds indicate better health, while higher speeds indicate poor health. Why? When the arteries are flexible, the blood will flow at the regular speed. But when they are full of buildups and stiff, the blood pressure will increase. This is an alarming condition that needs to be addressed immediately. (Also read: Garmin Forerunner 735XT Helps You Stay on Track with Fitness Goals)

App for iOS and Android

The Withings Body Cardio Scale also offers an app for both Android and iOS. This is a good way to monitor your health. It can show you the readings taken from the scale. Just install it on your device and open up. There are different kinds of information it displays, including the PWV reading and most recent-weigh in. This app is pretty much a hub for the actual device. The scale itself is far from heavy, but still not practical to carry around. If you want to stay connected to the scale, just install the app on your phone.

Withings Body Cardio Scale specs:

  • 12.9 x 12.9 x 0.8 inches (Size)
  • Full Body Composition Analysis: weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass, etc.
  • Assesses heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync
  • App for iOS 7+ and Android 4.3.3+
  • Multi-User: Up to 8 users


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