WPS Office, a Productivity Suite that Can Be Used at No Cost

WPS Office

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Are you looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office Suite? There are a few options, but we highly suggest WPS Office. Just in case you know Kingsoft, it now goes by the name of WPS Office. It is pretty well-known especially among Android users. If you don’t have it installed on your Smartphone, just look it up on Google Play Store. The free version is also available for Windows users. It consists of a word processor, presentation, and many others. It is just as reliable as the MS Office.

Why WPS Office?

With so many features, you should try the cloud synchronization. As the name implies, it can help users sync document progress across devices. So for those who have multiple devices, this would help so much. Besides, it also has a selection of templates for different uses. Another important feature is PDF conversion. The free version is quite limited. But if you don’t mind, please upgrade to unlock other converting options. Yes, this software is available for free and premium users. Those who want to take advantage of the premium features need to go for the paid version. Otherwise, the free one is actually more than enough.


As said before, WPS Office is very reliable for creating different types of documents. It has a presentation tool and a word processor. The best part is it can support Microsoft document formats. It is clearly important because we need this feature to make the most of the program. The cloud storage is a nice complimentary element. Your have access to 1GB of free storage. There’s nothing to brag about, but Word files usually don’t take too much space, so it is good to go. We are also surprised by how compact this software is. It doesn’t need a device with high specifications. It can even be installed on older Windows computers. As for Android devices, it is suitable for older models as well. (Read also: Dell XPS 27 Features a 4K Screen and Top Sound Quality)

WPS Office 2

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WPS Office comes in handy because the layout is quite reminiscent of the average Office suit. The tools are arranged neatly, so it is easy to navigate through them. We believe it won’t take long until you become familiar with the interface. When it comes to performance, WPS Office is reliable. It is not surprising because it is light, so even if your device is not the most advanced, it can still run smoothly. However, the ads can be a bit distracting. It shouldn’t be a big deal mainly because can be used at no cost.

What ads do you have to endure? They are like regular ads. By seeing them, essential features like mail merge and printing can be accessed. Unfortunately, the ad-free time doesn’t last forever. For example, you can use a feature for like 30 minutes. And if you need more time, you will have to look at another ad. It is avoidable by switching to the premium version. While the ads are tolerable, the premium version only costs around $79.99. Go to the official site to find out more about the price and features. Besides a lifetime license, it is also available as an annual license. It is not that expensive especially compared to others. With the full version, you can access the rest of the features.


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