Xiaomi Amazfit BIP, an Apple Watch Lookalike to Be Reckoned With

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP

image source: startlr.com

Some Apple Watch lookalikes are really determined to imitate the original design. We get the same impression from the Xiaomi Amazfit BIP. It’s not to say that the device is an Apple Watch’s knockoff, but the resemblance is uncanny. Of course, the internal components are not necessarily similar, let alone identical. Coming with a 320 x 320 pixel LCD display with Gorilla Glass 3 for protection, this device would be useful to achieve your fitness goals.


The Xiaomi Amazfit BIP has an attractive design. It is made almost entirely of porcelain except for the upper part which features a chrome metal finish. The watch comes in a rectangular shape and there’s a single button on the right side. Another interesting part is the versatile rubber strap. There are a few color choices, so you can wear one that feels most fitting. Additionally, it boasts water-resistance. This feature is present in many Smartwatches, allowing us to wear them in wet environments. The BIP is even claimed to survive water immersion, which means it won’t go off if you accidentally drop it in the pool.


It comes with a 1.28 inch screen with a 320 x 320 resolution. The displays looks good, the trans-reflective technology makes it a lot better for daytime use. You can read anything clearly when the sunlight hits the surface. Operation is easy thanks to the tap-to-wake feature. With this, you no longer need to rely on a particular button to activate the screen. Just tap on it to wake it.

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP 2

image source: youtube.com


The Xiaomi Amazfit BIP is more than just a Smartwatch. It can also turn into a fitness tracker. You can use it to record various activities, such as riding, walking, running, and treadmill. Other important features include measurements for sleep, calories, heart rate, etc. Put it on your wrist, the Smartwatch will notice anything you do. It will collect data as you run, walk, or do another exercise. We should applaud its ability to track body structure and objects. It also delivers good performance on the treadmill mode.

If you want to use the GPS, it has to be connected to a Smartphone first. Just sync yours with the watch to enable the function. Once the two have been successfully paired, you can start using the GPS feature. It not just works for Android, but also iOS. Whether you have an iPhone or one of the Galaxy Series, pairing should be easy. To gain more control over the watch, we suggest you install an app from the App Store. It can help tweak the interface or appearance of the watch.

Battery life

These devices are notorious for having short battery lives. Well, Smartwatches are typically small, so there is no room to place a large battery. The Xiaomi Amazfit BIP comes with a 190mAh battery. It promises good durability under moderate use. As long as you don’t record continuously or activate power-draining features like the GPS, it can last an entire weekend or longer before needing to recharge. From the official information, the potential battery life is actually around 45 days. But we have to take into account the level of usage, too.



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