Xiaomi Yi 4K+ to Become a Standard-bearer for Action Cameras

Xiaomi Yi 4K+

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The Xiaomi Yi 4K+ is a tiny action camera that can rival the incredible Go Pro Hero 6. With the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps, it is more capable than similar products in its price range. It not only allows you to shoot high-resolution footage, but also play it in slow-motion smoothly. Other interesting features it has to offer include voice control and live streaming. The interface is easy to understand thanks to the proprietary software running on this device. Users can navigate through settings without a problem because the interface is surprisingly intuitive. To top it off, the action camera also comes with 155 degree wide angle.


It’s important for an action camera to be tiny because we use it to record footage outdoors. The Xiaomi Yi 4K+ doesn’t disappoint because it can produce high quality videos despite being wrapped in a small frame. The construction is mostly plastic, but the premium version of it, so there is no cheap feel when you hold it. In fact, the camera feels very sturdy and doesn’t get scratched easily. On the front there is a lens and a small LED light, while the back is dedicated for a 2.2″ LCD screen. Settings can be controlled right from the display. The power button is located on the top, actually the only thing that adorns this side of the camera. If you want to access the microSD card slot, flip it over because it and the battery compartment are located on the opposite side.

Video quality

Low prices and 4K usually don’t belong together, but there are exceptions. The Xiaomi Yi 4K+ is one of few action cameras that offer cheap prices and a 4K resolution. The video quality is exceptional. We’re specifically talking about the details and smoothness. Even when you slow down the footage, it will still look detailed. Colors are vibrant, quite unexpected considering the price point. There are others that provide similar results, but their prices are way higher, making the new Yi a better deal.

Xiaomi Yi 4K+ 2

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The audio quality is respectable, too. Now that there is a USB-C on board, connecting it to an external microphone will be a lot easier. Besides 4K shooting, users can also record videos in 2.7k and 1440p resolutions with fps ranging from 25 to 60. If you prefer to share pictures instead of videos, the camera supports JPG, one of the most widely-known image file formats. It also offers several modes, like still mode and burst mode. They are used for different purposes.

Battery life

The Xiaomi Yi 4K+ can provide a continuous recording time of an hour and 13 minutes in 4K settings. Just so you know, the camera can charge while in use. As long as there is a power source nearby, it is easy to charge the battery via USB-C. This way, you will never run out of power when using it for recording. Another way to save battery is by lowering the resolution to 1080p or 2.7k. Either option will give you extra recording time, probably up to 2 hours overall. The storage is expandable. Take advantage of the memory card slot if you need to record more footage. It supports up to 128GB.

Xiaomi Yi 4K+ specs:

  • 65mm x 42mm x 30mm (Size)
  • 2.2″ LCD touch screen
  • Ambarella H2 SOC chipset
  • Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3″ sensor
  • 155 degree wide angle
  • 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p, 720p resolutions
  • MicroSD card slot


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