Yevo 1, Wireless Earbuds that Deliver Cutting-edge Sound Technology

Yevo 1

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Some wireless earbuds offer more than just good sound quality. Some also come with extra features that you may not really need. The Yevo 1 is a pair of earbuds that deliver terrific sound quality. They are true wireless and here’s why.


The earbuds have a minimalist design, but we love everything about it. The package is neat and it also comes with an app. Speaking of the design, it’s not out of style. They may not have the most distinctive design, but the packaging really improves their appearance. There is no USB-C, but a micro-USB has been included, instead. It’s also equipped with a charging case, which is another thing that really stands out. The case is simple and compact enough to carry around. You can even put it in the pocket because it’s that small. There aren’t excessive details on the exterior, only a Yevo logo on one side.

Noise cancellation

Earbuds need solid soundproofing to prevent sound leakage. It can be annoying when we have to turn up the volume because the surroundings are noisy. Quality soundproofing ensures that ambient noise doesn’t creep into the ear canal and interfere with your listening experience. The Yevo 1 are good because the noise isolation is great. As soon as you wear them, the background noise will be less loud than before. This can be a problem especially when you do something that requires focus. To avoid unforeseen events, it’s advised to wear only one of the pair. This way, you’ll still be aware of the surroundings. As said before, it comes with an app to control things, like filters, presets, and equalizer. There are many other variables that can be adjusted manually, including audio transparency and touch controls.

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Sound quality

The Yevo 1 isn’t perfect, but we’re not talking about the audio quality. Firstly, it uses NFMI technology. While usable, it’s still under development. We find it rewarding when it works. But when it doesn’t, you’ll notice drops and stutters. Thankfully, these problems are usually not persistent or last only for a while. Next, it also includes touch controls. They’re particularly useful because you can manage stuff more efficiently, like answering phone calls, adjusting volume levels, etc. Heck, this array even gives the opportunity to access Siri or the voice assistant from Google.

How long do these earbuds last? They last around 3.5 hours on average. The good news is the charging case is not just an accessory. It can save enough power for 5 extra charges, so you continue listening to music while on the go. When it comes to sound quality, the Yevo 1 are honestly one of the best wireless earbuds money can buy. The sound coming out of the buds is crisp and clear. They also can reach high volume levels without being heavily distorted. However, there are a few shortcomings especially in bass production.

The included features are all useful, like Audio Transparency. You can find similar features on other products, but they may go by different names. Basically, Audio Transparency helps you hear sounds from the outside world. It can also do the opposite, which is blocking them. Another great feature is support for Siri and Google Assistant. Press down the right bud and hold for a few seconds to enable this feature.


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